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  1. I’m interested if the draft date IS NOT set yet and we have a group chat like GroupMe or slack Please DM the details on this thanks
  2. Starting up a free league on FANTRAX, PPR, 8 Team league, 20 man rosters, 2QB, 10 rookie spots and a TWIST— you get to draft 2 college players, we will use GroupMe for communication requirement is you need to live in England to join, let me know if you’re interested below
  3. I’d like it to be an 8 teamer tbh, that way people can get to know each other and less chance of turnover, I was thinking just $50 for this year. In a way I’m hoping if it’s 8 teams we won’t have people dropping off after 1 year or there is less chance of that happening
  4. Yes as soon as everyone is on GroupMe and on fantrax we will start the Vet slow draft and then the rookie draft straight after—-if you email me I can get you in on GroupMe , I’m waiting to hear back from fantrax as to what the problem is re:setting up the league (tried 3 times today lol)
  5. Hey all I’m hoping to have one start up a dynatsy league up soon on fantrax, I’ve just had to email them cos for some reason I can’t set it up yet. Planning on doing an 8 team IDP H2H pts dynasty league with a $50 buy in. 40 man rosters, 8 rookie spots, GroupMe is a MUST as that will be where we will be doing a slow draft from- 1st Vet draft then rookie draft. I’m looking for people that are going to stick around for the long run and will be invested in making this a great league Payout structure: Tom Brady Bracket Winner (Top 4 teams)-$150 Runner up- $100 3rd - $60 4th - $40 Glenn Parker Bracket Winner (Bottom 4 teams)-$50 If you have any questions don’t hesitate on emailing me on barrybaker778@gmail.com or asking below
  6. On Free ESPN or $10-$80 Fantrax, Preferably 10-14 teams with moderate to large rosters and a communication app
  7. Thinking of starting up a free 8/10 man dynasty Defense only league on EPSN but not sure what the interest level is really, It’s going to be a straight forward and a keep forever league. 10 roster spots (any position) with 5 reserve spots and 2 IR spots, 5 rookie spots. Nothing too big just want activity and commitment. Vet Draft will be a slow one through GroupMe app, and the rookie draft will be done after the supplemental draft is completed sometime in July irl in case some big names choose to get drafted that way. Scoring Defensive TD- 16pts Fumble Force- 4pts Interception - 4 pts Sack - 4pts Pass defended - 1 pt Safety - 8pts Tackle Assist - 0.5pts Tackle Solo - 1 pt If anyone is interested let me know below or leave your email for more info if necessary and I’ll get back to you
  8. Any dynasty leagues starting up Free or small fee, with a defense ONLY set up—would be great and I’d love to join. p.S ideally start up, if I have to take a team over I’d be happy to take a look over the roster
  9. I’d be interested. Is this an active league? my email is barrybaker778@gmail.com
  10. Is the league going to be using a group chat app to communicate with owners? If so I’d be interested in joining barrybaker778@gmail.com
  11. Unfortunately my outward email ain’t working, so if you would be so kind as to email me with the teams available that’d be great bbaker7628@gmail.com
  12. BUMP. San Diego Team now available 33-58 record at present M.Garver Y.Alonso Y.Sanchez S.Othani J.Villar N.Ahmed E.Thames A.McCutch C.Vazquez M.Fried s.Newcomb K.Herrera H.Rodon and a nice minor league system some of the big names L.Robert N.Hoerner K.Maitan G.Arias E.Pereira K.Muller the minor league system has 60 spots of which 51 are filled in this team Email me at bbaker7628@gmail.com if you are really interested