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  1. Hamels is still working up his pitch count so I'd likely stay clear.
  2. Lester is tough because Ross doesn't give him a long leash at all. He gives him two times through the order and hardly ever more than that so if he's going to get a QS, he'll have to be very strong on any given night. Could be good W potential if you're in dire need of one, though.
  3. Anyway we know if he's on a pitch count? If not, he's an average steaming option.
  4. Disappointing he didn't go long but with the alternative being a blowup, not a killer by any means.
  5. Hey guys, we had an owner unexpectedly step down. His team won this week so you'll be taking over with a good start. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=28433&teamId=5 Post below if you're interested.
  6. Andrew Miller should be first in line for saves for STL. Worth noting that the Cardinals have an extremely juicy schedule of a lot of games, no off-days and easy opponents from here on out. Get him if he's available.
  7. The 'analytics or bust' school of managing are going to continue making fantasy more difficult.
  8. The Jaguars defense isn't that bad. I don't buy the notion that they're going to be down 42-0 at halftime of every game. The defense will keep them in some games, not all, but some. This would help James Robinson.
  9. I run GroupMe for the chat with my fantasy leagues but do agree that discord is more immersive. Perhaps a little too immersive, though. I prefer the simplicity of GroupMe.
  10. The Kevin Cash-Gabe Kapler school of managing is a confusing one sometimes. At least it works for the former.
  11. I'm taking him game by game right now. If he throws a dud, I'm dropping.
  12. Couldn't even handle the easiest matchup possible against Pittsburgh. He's a drop even in the deepest of formats.
  13. Would be the league MVP if the season ended today most likely. Pick him up now and get the stats before the eventual 0-25 slump correction hits.
  14. Came here for this. I'm not even mad. It was a legit good match-up. There must be something wrong with this guy.