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  1. All of my leagues are doing one single playoff matchup with the two division winners getting in. This will give us a decent 8-9 matchups. We're also adjusting our schedule to predominantly play our division rivals. I agree roto is more desirable this year but you can make it work.
  2. I'm not sure about Yahoo but ESPN has said it's 5 to get a position this season, 10 to keep it for next year. It's typically 10-20 so this is welcomed!
  3. He's got the best Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator in the league looking after him and has had a year to sit back and learn the playbook. I think it'll go one of two ways and there will be no in-between: 1. he'll establish himself as a legit NFL starter, Pats will finish 8-8, they won't draft a QB. 2. he'll be overwhelmed, Pats will finish 5-11, and they'll draft a QB early.
  4. Mostly local radio. It's obviously not concrete and could change quickly. This is why we're hearing they're going to give him looks at QB, RB, WR and TE early on.
  5. Just what I'm hearing. Don't expect him to start out of the gate. They like Conley, who had a sneaky good year last year.
  6. Jags are going run with Chark, Conley and Westbrook in 3-WR sets this year. Seems like they're going to do their best to move Shenault around and give him different looks and with Conley and Westbrook in contract years, he should slide in to the #2 in 2021.
  7. As someone who watches every Jags game (😅) he has very deceptive acceleration. You should get 3 or 4 free points each week from scrambles and the like.
  8. He's away from the TE timeshare in Baltimore and now finds himself in one the most TE-friendly systems in the NFL (Falcons). Literally no competition at all for TE targets. You're looking at a top 5 tight end if he stays healthy. Your Thoughts?
  9. Whether or not they play on time has no impact on my life whatsoever. I'm just giving my opinion. Chill.
  10. Point is, whether it be playing in empty stadiums for a month or whatever it may be, they'll find a way to play on time.
  11. I think they figure out a way around delaying the season. If you delay the season you'll essentially have to replay spring training. They'll move the Mariners down to Arizona for a month and move enough pieces to work around it.
  12. There doesn't seem to be any indication he's close to signing anywhere or that any team is even in on him whatsoever. My guess is he signs in May/June after an injury.
  13. Probably the right move. Not worth burning a bench spot with a guy that likely won't play until June at the earliest.
  14. He can be had for free and there's not a lot of 25/20 potential guys out there for free. At the very least he's going to be on the strong side of a platoon. Also, his main competition preventing him from full-time AB's, Franchy Cordero, is batting .214 right now I would say there's a strong potential for full-time AB's.
  15. He's a reliable option in NL Only leagues and 16-20 team mixed leagues. In deeper formats it's more valuable to have a guy that's dependable and give you decent runs, avg., OPS. I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole in 12-team leagues and below.