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  1. Actually over the last week, the two "best" Dodgers hitters are: Cody Bellinger 1B | LAD 23 AB 7R 9 H 2 HR 5 RBI 1BB 1K .391 avg 0.417obp 0.783 slg Andrew Toles LF | LAD 24 AB 7R 10 H 2 HR 4RBI 0 BB 4 K 0.417avg 0.440obp 0.750slg I'm a Bellinger owner and fan but if we're going to tout him over a small sample size, than we shouldn't dismiss others with the same small sample size too. And no, I don't think Toles will be better long term and yes I think they should leave the kid up. Find him regular at bats, he's athletic enough to play multiple positions so be a manager and make it work.
  2. Yes he was! And despite his faults like a high K rate, isn't it interesting that it seems like the comps always come back to ".....the next Adam Dunn". Almost a decade later and we all still hail Adam Dunn so despite the K's, a guy who is the "next Adam Dunn" is a must own on my team. I hope the "next Adam Dunn" wins me championships like the original did back in the day. I agree with MugsyBogues 100%!
  3. Eligibility question: In leagues where 5 games at a position is required last night (the night he injured his hamstring) was game 5 and all at SS. CBS however is only giving him credit for 4 games at SS even though their own gamelog shows 5 games played. Are ESPN, Yahoo or others similarly treating it this way? I'm guessing it's because the injury occurred in the top of the first and he never actually played on defense at SS in the bottom of the inning despite technically starting the game, playing in the game, and getting an AB as the starting SS.