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  1. I was looking at Strasburg and Cueto. If I ask for a SP, he wants a pitcher in return along with Ramos. I won't touch Rich Hill with a 50 foot pole. I do own John Hicks, that's why I am willing to give up Ramos.
  2. My buddy has asked for Wilson Ramos in my keeper league. My team is below in my signature. I proposed Ramos for J.A. Happ straight up, and he turned it down. He asked what I would want for Ramos and Montgomery. I am a little stuck on what trade I should offer. His roster is the following... C Lucroy 1B Hosmer 2B Solarte 3B Harrison SS Semien MI T. Anderson CI B. Anderson OF Stanton // Ozuna // Desmond // Hamilton // Peralta UTIL Cruz // Pujols BN Andrus // Gallo // Pillar // Belt // T. Hernandez DL Pollock P Scherzer // Verlander // Lester // J. Gray // Teheran // Happ // Newcomb // Nova // Buchholz // Hernandez BN Hill DL Strasburg // Cueto
  3. Night before scheduled start. Still not in the database. C'MON MAN!
  4. With Osuna not pitching for the Blue Jays any time soon, which relief pitcher do you believe will step in to the closer role? Tyler Clippard, Seung Hwan Oh, or John Axford Sounds like its going to be Clippard or Oh.
  5. I grabbed Dahl. He has higher updside.
  6. Interesting...I've been told that the interface is clean and modern, but beyond that there is nothing special.
  7. They actually do have an application. It's just not found in the App Store or Play Store. You go to
  8. Your team is very well balanced. 1B is the only concern to me. I'm low on Sano this year, so I would try to trade a SP for an upgrade at that position.
  9. Unless your league is really shallow, you try to add him right now.