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  1. Agreed with @AndreSplash I'm definitely keep Huerter. He proved he can play and has major room for improvement. If you have to keep one or the other, I'd take Sato over KCP, at least until you know what role KCP will have next year. Sato produces when given the opportunity and he should get some run until Wall gets back. KCP is a big question mark.
  2. Or if you have a dynasty basketball league on Fantrax and need a replacement owner, let me know please. I'm looking to join a league as well.
  3. Hey all, looking to start a new $100 buy-in dynasty league. 12-14 teams depending on interest. Using Fantrax & Fantrax Treasurer, with Slack to send messages. Looking for active owners. 9 Cat, H2H. Roster - PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Flex, Flex Flex. Bench - 13 spots. 4 IR (players on IR don't count towards salary cap). Salary cap = $400, 10% increase each year. Rookie draft (starts in 2nd year) - Each team gets 2 picks a year. Draft picks for 2-3 years are eligible to trade. FA Auction - Auction style draft each year to claim FA. Initial draft - Auction style with all players for current year the league starts. Playoffs - Bracket style, no byes. Payouts - Regular season 1st, 2nd, 3rd. playoffs 1st, 2nd, 3rd. (and 4th if 14 tams). Playoff bonus to all playoff teams. Bonus for most improved team (based on W/L%). Dynasty Leagye Rules Summary.docx
  4. No interest? If anyone changes their mind, I'll check back periodically.
  5. Change of plans. We're going to do a $100 buy in. We have 9 spots left. The league will be on Fantrax, so $5 of the buy in will go towards buying the premium version each season ($80).
  6. *Clarification... This league would start next season and not accumulate stats this current season. We would draft players after the NBA rookie draft this year to be included in our draft. The following season draft picks would take effect.
  7. Looking to start a new dynasty league. Currently in another dynasty league for smaller stakes, want to up the ante. That league is in it's 3rd season and we've worked out most of the issues. Going to use a very similar format and there are 4-5 of us from that league who will be joining this one. Standard 9 cat. $300 set salary cap. 10% player salary increase each year. Hard cap of $330 during the season. 4 IR spots that don't count towards salary. 23 roster spots, 10 active players. 2 draft picks for incoming rookies each year. 8 teams make playoffs. Payouts for regular season finishes, playoffs, and most improved team. If you're interested, shoot me a message or leave your email. I'll start an email chain for discussion in the next few days.