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  1. Obviously going to hold but won’t be surprised if his role is not the same when he comes back. Tough look for a guy who seemed unstoppable.
  2. Not true... If Atlanta trades for him they won’t do it unless they have some type of handshake agreement on him resigning.
  3. You’d think his jump shot was off but nope... He smoked atleast 10 layups.
  4. The problem with a trade is that I dont see how his production gets better in any other situation. Not many coaches are willing to play their bigs 35 mpg. Atlanta has a pretty high volume rebounder in Collins and they’ve already created some amazing chemistry in the pick and roll.
  5. Man he was my favourite player to own this year. I’m in 1st place by a healthy margin and I’m still moving on. No IR, and 2+ Months means at the very best he’ll be at regular minutes by week 2 of playoffs. Even that feels extremely optimistic with the possibility of surgery. It will be interesting to see where he gets drafted next year but it will probably be too rich for my blood. He was having one of those magical seasons that are extremely hard to replicate. Fantasy aside, this kid is an absolute menace on the defensive end and if he ever figures out how to score he will be a star in this league.
  6. The fact that he is on a good contract is why he would probably have alot of interest around the league. Minnesota is headed straight to the lottery and could probably get a decent haul for Convington.
  7. On a per game basis everything he's done so far is sustainable. If anything 1.6 steals should improve in the near future. Total value who knows but i'm riding until the wheels fall off.
  8. People knew all of this when they drafted him early.
  9. You guys still think the knicks haven’t been prioritizing winning? Obviously Rob is a hold in any league and he should of never been on any waiver wire. My point was to temper expectations considering all the owners in this thread who have been calling for Fizdale’s job all season.
  10. The option(s) theyve been playing ahead of him all season lol. Again it truly doesnt matter what the public thinks, the Knicks obviously believe Morris, Taj and maybe Bobby Portis are are better than mitch atm. Whether any fan or fantasy GM disagrees is irrelevant.