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  1. "Practicing" is extremely vague and I have not seen any evidence or support that he will somehow be ready to play in 30 days. If I missed some type of report that he's been a normal participant in practice please fill me in. Also, it's a given that Yahoo will want to finish the fantasy season but that is completely out of their hands. The NBA has spoken about skipping straight to playoffs if the suspension lasts long enough and at that point Yahoo can't do anything to save the season. Even a 30 day suspension could result in some games (if not all) being cut from the schedule and make fantasy playoffs a wash. Yes theres no risk in holding Isaac but it's best to understand how unlikely his return is when doing so as there may be other stashes with a much more realistic return.
  2. They have nothing invested in this guy as they literally got him for free. Not to mention the Cavs get blown out when hes on the floor. Also, for the 2nd time since the trade the Cavs bench including Thompson has mounted a comeback.
  3. This guy is going to struggle to get 30mpg with Thompson behind him.
  4. Going up against Embiid... He does this to alot of Centers
  5. Wood is a UFA in a couple months meanwhile Sekou is their top draft pick and Thon is an RFA. This is likely a front office move to get playing time for the guys with a long term outlook.
  6. This is exactly why I was scared when Thompson wasnt included in that trade.
  7. If Nurkic returns I see zero chance of him putting up Top 100 value so I see no point of stashing. And to be clear I dont think Kings have any incentive to play Holmes. I just believe the reward if he does return far outweights anything you’ll get from Nurkic
  8. He asked which one is better lol. One hasnt played in ~ 6 weeks, the other hasn’t played in almost 12 months.
  9. Holmes no question. If Nurkic makes it back it will be under heavy restrictions and a ridiculous level of rust.
  10. I gave up Kemba, feel comfortable with the risk/reward. Heres to hoping hes on court by week 2 of playoffs!
  11. Of course each case is different. I tried to let you know players with a reported labrum tear have done more than practice and it seems you took offence to that Not a doctor good sir. I just do my research before speaking. Especially before I tell someone else to conduct their own research 😂
  12. PG played last year with a torn labrum prior to having surgery. Yes he did have surgery but I was simply letting you know that it’s been done before. For AD see the link below I was speaking in past tense sir. Meaning I was not speaking on his current shoulder imjury. See the link below good sir. I hope you take your own advice and do some research.
  13. Paul George and AD have played full seasons with the same injury.
  14. If you have roster space I guess Len is a decent handcuff going forward. Don’t think Giles is physically capable of 20 mins a night.