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  1. Maybe a play for Matty Ice in the off-season? That would take Chark through the roof.
  2. He got the ghost of Vincent Jackson to 1224/7, but that seems like a lifetime ago lol
  3. They don't vary that dramatically. If you are attempting to get rid of a player, you also aren't overvaluing them otherwise you wouldn't be trying to trade them.
  4. Ref is definitely playing against Henderson.
  5. This, if you're trying to trade rape me don't expect a response.
  6. Maybe the COVID gods will flex the Steelers/Ravens game.
  7. That's crazy, how did they get that right and then wrong??
  8. Why are you focusing on that they beat up the ravens four weeks ago and ignoring they got whooped by the raiders two weeks ago? Or barely beat Herbert?