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  1. RBs don't typically get more than that one big contract due to average longevity, why risk the money to have better stats or win a championship? Its a bigger risk career wise to not take the money. RBs don't have the luxury of taking paycuts for championships and fit.
  2. It usually works out for the player, because they get a huge payday. I think stats are lower on the totem pole.
  3. Hoyer could still be the QB and nothing would change lol.
  4. Lol, what don't you understand? SF is going to let them score long TDs because they know they are up so far that it doesn't matter as long as GB doesn't score quick.
  5. Shanahan is going to let them score on as many 6+ minute drives as they want, they shouldn't be the ones killing clock.
  6. That long of a drive is just conceding the loss.
  7. Packers need 4 TDs, take over 6 minutes on a drive lol.
  8. Yes which is why they are the #1 total defense lol. You said he hasn't faced "anything near"...he has. Just keep homering tho!
  9. Uh, the Ravens and Pats were 2nd and 3rd in total defense and he faced both.
  10. Jimmy is 4/6 for 48 lol. Its not like he's doing much.
  11. Eh, I was pretty on board with the Ravens. But SF was obvious.
  12. Yes, Belichek does that because defensively because it increases the likelihood of the other team losing. So why is that a good argument for Tennessee to do it willingly?