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  1. Gruden will be interim HC at some point in the season.
  2. Lockett has definitely benefited from RWs amazing ball placement on deep passes. I also think RWs ability difference over Mayfield is the leading reason he can’t support 2 WRs, he is too good at elevating every pass catcher on the field and spreading the ball.
  3. Ah, the off-season where a Josh Allen thread becomes a heated discussion on Elway. Love it.
  4. There is a bye in there, but still weird.
  5. He has beaten good defenses. Is that not proof enough?
  6. That moxie sure makes games exciting. Like that intentional fumble in the Texans game nearly gave me a heart attack in the moment lol
  7. Well you're getting 7/1 odds, place your bet.
  8. I just realized that the Phins were scheduled on week 17. FFS, how could they short us Allen owners like that!
  9. The viewer stats on Cowboys games, even when they are s---y beats Brady/Brees.
  10. He carried Huntley and the entire offense for the last two years. The Utah offense is about as vanilla as possible in Whitt’s goal of field control and winning grinders. He was especially good at icing games with long TD runs late in the fourth. I am optimistic that he will be a bruiser late in the fourth during cold Buffalo games and earn his TDs then. Is it too much to hope for another Shady/Williams combo?
  11. I like this as a landing spot for Moss. Whitt runs his running backs into the ground so he needs to share a backfield to produce per touch. @Br0kenB, what makes you say so definitively that Singletary is more versatile?
  12. Where the f--- is Axe to tell you how he axually was? He was a favorite play of mine in 2QB 2014 & 2015
  13. Was Gronks blocking as good in the last couple years? Would be hilarious if he was primarily blocking the whole season.
  14. If it was that contagious everyone would have it by now. COVID-19 is scary, but providing misinformation is not helpful. https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/modes-of-transmission-of-virus-causing-covid-19-implications-for-ipc-precaution-recommendations