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  1. What kind of keeper value does Dobbins have for next year? Ingram has another year left so is anything going to change?
  2. They probably see Justin Herbert doing good and want to get Tua in there. They might also have a top five pick in the draft from the Texans so they probably want to see what Tua can do now, could affect what they do with that pick.
  3. they are picked in close to 60% of yahoo pools.
  4. Well this is scary, I envision another hamstring tweak this week.
  5. He was already sucking considering he was a 1st round pick. RIP.
  6. Last year alone there was Deebo, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Slayton that we’re waiver pickups. DK Metcalf wasn’t widely owned at the start of the season either. Also Juju and Diontae were both productive their rookie years, not studs but very solid.
  7. I’d be shocked if Miami lost to the Jets. Miami is actually pretty decent, and the Jets are a lock to lose every game this year.
  8. Did anyone watch the game vs Cincy? He had one carry for 34 yards and caught three balls, the third down usage is at least encouraging. Dude is averaging 7.9 yards per carry lol.
  9. Probably goes without saying but Hines is just a PPR handcuff if JT misses any time, has almost zero value right now. Pretty telling against Cleveland where they were behind the entire game and he still did almost nothing.
  10. Now is a good time to acquire Tee Higgins. He missed out on some sweet garbage time stats last week when they decided to run Mixon at the end of the game to close it out. AJ Green is hurt so he should see plenty of targets going forward, his value is only going to increase. They also play Dallas in week 14 which is a dream matchup in the playoffs, Pittsburgh week 15 though.
  11. Fitzpatrick has been very solid but he is notorious for sucking when the games matter. Right now there are no expectations but when they win next week vs the Jets, they’ll be 3-3 and will be in the mix. Then the pressure will be on and we will see how it goes. It makes sense for Tua to sit and learn for the season but you never know, he could get the call if Fitzpatrick starts blowing it.
  12. Brown absolutely abused Josh Norman, which isn’t saying a whole lot but very promising return.
  13. Steelers will probably win but still seems very risky to me.
  14. I do think Henderson will be their main back going forward but I expect Brown/Akers to get carries when they are leading and killing the clock. This will limit Henderson a bit against weaker teams, Brown got all the action vs NYG.
  15. Bills defense hasn't been great this year so it could be a nice day for AJ Brown. Tre White is also dinged up so that will help.