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  1. Not sure what to make of Deebo and Kittle next year, amazing players but this offense is crazy run heavy. Maybe they’ll be a bit discounted because of this but they’ll still be heavily involved.
  2. Thoughts on Parris Campbell? Is he any good or is he just very fast? Can’t say I like the QB situation at all either.
  3. I mean this is possible but I do think Minshew looked pretty solid overall. Would they just get rid of Foles though? Will be interesting to see what shakes out here.
  4. He did have a brutal drop last night and Brady was so pissed at him for something else but I can’t remember what it was.
  5. @affliction great list, only gonna disagree with Rivers, it would have be very late in a 2QB league before I'd consider him. I suppose he still ends up with decent stats but it's just so ugly watching him.
  6. I want to agree but got burned by both Geronimo Allison and MVS in this year’s drafts. I will grab him if he’s available super late.
  7. Think people will sleep on N’Keal Harry next year? Could be similar to DJ Chark having a brutal rookie year and exploding in year 2.
  8. The early year issues seemed to be the offensive line. Mixon was quite good once Cordy Glenn came back from injury and they changed their running scheme. Add Jonah Williams next year and maybe some additional O-line help and I think he will end up in a similar draft spot. I can see the risk because if they have O-line injuries again then he's in trouble.
  9. I bet he will be gone by the late second in most leagues. Mixon was one of nine RBs to have 300 touches this year and he’s also just really good.
  10. Sometimes it works, I bought into Christian McCaffrey in 2018 because if pre-season hype and it won me leagues. But the majority of the time it blows up in your face.
  11. This is a good one, Samuel's ADP went up like crazy through training camp. Moore's ADP was awesome value this year but only got him in one league.
  12. It's just strategy and it has worked for me. I can name a lot of players I avoided this year because of injury history and it worked out, it goes both ways - Conner, Watkins, Fuller, Edelman (useless down the stretch), Alshon, Kerryon, Engram to name a few. Sure i missed out on guys like Kupp, Aaron Jones, Fournette but I just thought they were too risky for their draft price.
  13. Looking back at the start if this season, which reports helped/hurt you when you were drafting? David Montgomery - the hype was just out of control with this guy and he was so average this year, he could be solid but Chicago offense was so bad. I drafted him very early in two leagues. Felt similar to the Royce Freeman hype in 2018. Dante Pettis - I loved this guy in the off season but every report from camp was negative, I avoided him and it worked out great. Darren Waller - I saw the hype but totally dismissed it because of his previous lack of production, boy was I wrong. This guy looks like the real deal.
  14. Maybe he's not a DND but he will need a significant discount for me to consider picking him, maybe somewhere around the 50-60 range but I expect he goes way before this. This could be similar to Fournette, I did not expect that guy to ever last a full season but he pulled it off this year. You never know but I just tend to stay away from injury prone guys.
  15. Really? He’s number one pick no matter what, he’s a cheat code.