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  1. IMO.. Using 1898 as an example is hilarious. 1898 technology just doesn’t compare to 2017. Houston went overboard with this sign stealing show. Playoff game, the score is 2-2 it’s the bottom of the 9th. Jose Altuve is coming up to bat before he goes up he heads into the room the sign stealer tells him he has the cadence. Jose knows that means when the pitcher throws his change up there will be a bang from the drum or the whistler will whistle or he will get a shock from the wire. Game over Jose hits a homerun game over.
  2. Source: MLB to test camera system for calling balls, strikes at spring training sites
  3. I agree ... IMO steroid users should never be allow ... and we might as well anybody who wore an Astro jersey. Those guys need not to apply
  4. The Jeter voting not being unanimous goes down as WTF... another voting process that was flawed was this years Heisman. How the f--- can somebody not vote for Joe Burrow . Tua Tuliagia from Alabama got a first place vote. WTF ..
  5. Why? Wouldn’t you two like to see Tom fail in another city and tell us all Bill Belichick is the key to the Patriots success.
  6. I sure hope not. The time is now to move away from Tom. Let’s get help at Oline, TE & WRs. I rather sign a free agent or trade for a QB to take Tom’s place.
  7. I play fantasy football, I care about how MY fantasy team performs in the fantasy season. Oh ok
  8. We have seen numerous mix ups with just fingers. What you think is going to happen with players who speak a different language. He is recommending a 172 is a down & out fastball while a 177 is in high and tight fastball etc... Will they be on the same page with these new signals?I just don’t see this Morse code stuff working.
  9. Couldn’t this information be hacked .. then relayed to the batter via an ear plug?
  10. Rodgers still finished in the top 10 for fantasy
  11. Regular season the GB rush defense wasn’t too good. Teams averaged 120 yards per game... ah good .. FYI the Hawks lost,,,
  12. What dont you understand? Green Bay’s goal was to get a TD ... now the D needs to make a stop.