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  1. Damn right having Bell in sync makes the Chiefs dangerous. I am not one of those guys who will claim that they know who is the lead back in KC. I can only hope CEH stays healthy and the split is 70/30 in favor of my man.
  2. I need a roll back ... go back 7 weeks and let’s redraft
  3. CEH 53% 27/51 Bell 37% 17/51 Next week vs Jets will be telling. 50/50 split if I had to guess. Owning CEH.... gtfo with this
  4. All the fantasy gurus had McKinnon projected to be the lead back What the hell happen
  5. Owning both CEH & RoJo sure doesn’t look to promising. Bell & Fournette go away
  6. I am wondering that too... has he entered the game yet?
  7. Bleacher Report 22m · OBJ is “feared” to have suffered a major knee injury, per Ian Rapoport Bechkham gets an MRI in the tomorrow morning
  8. Come on ... GTFO Fournette or Bell ... go away