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  1. no matter what happens with these negotiations I won’t be playing fantasy baseball, but I sure would like to see the baseball season start to gauge how things are handled regarding the virus, so the football heads can get the s&^t worked out, to make sure we have a football season.
  3. Correct. No matter what I will always support the player. He/she has the right to determine the best course of action whether if he is holding out for more money, better contract, family reasons or mental health. Never understood why others don’t see that... This thread reminds me just a little of the LeVeon Bell.
  4. I go out every freaking day. I know all about what is happening in grocery stores. You wrote about following protocols .. people cannot follow those rules that you highlighted in your post, they are animals. You do know that don’t you? Watch some news, if you did then damnit you would have seen the New Jersey beachEs packed yesterday. How about that New York gym with all those protesters, state offices, nightclubs etc...
  5. Yea sure ... explain how the people going to follow your rule
  6. We will have to lock them all up...
  7. WTF .. you really think so? People can’t do what you are suggesting. Just look at what happen to some church in California the other day. I want to give a big shoot out to lostatsea. Thank you
  8. Were you that guy that was touting hydroxychloroquine when Trump told the America public it was a game changer and “What the hell do you have to lose?”
  9. I can bet he ain’t the only athlete baseball player that might feel that way. Never understood the need to judge what others think is the best for them, there families etc.. .. this has turned into a LeVeon Bell situation. Too many people think the are judge, jury and executioner when they haven’t walk in that persons shoes. Shameful
  10. More like he wants the money that was agreed upon. That sounds reasonable in my eyes.
  11. No **** Sherlock I know the percentage of deaths in that age group. Try to keep up with the discussion. Why am I wasting my time. You told us about Von Miller .. covid not ruining his career. Fries mention 80,000 did You come back with stats from NYC that shows 17 people dies with no underlying conditions Why am I wasting my time. COVID has killed healthy people ...
  12. You have no idea that is true. Not every corona infected patient has the same outcome Just remember that 17 people died between 18-44 with no underlying conditions so that tells up you that there could be a death You are wasting your time lol ... citing a fox link .. To get your point across. Priceless. Wait I will find a CNN link. lol * I sure hope there is a football season. I need IT.
  13. I still a firm believer this season will never get going. It hurts but damnit the baseball Gods have spoken.