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  1. I just can't see him playing for the Thunder all season. Either he's moved (and value takes a dip) or he stays and gets loads of DNPs. The Thunder's future is not Chris Paul.
  2. Klay also went for $2 to someone else. The only guys with money left didn't have an open roster spot at the end of the draft. I saved $10 for KD, and left the auction with $8 unspent. It was a steal. You can only keep keepers for 3 seasons, but that's worth it, especially since the rest of my roster didn't suffer to get him.
  3. 10 team, 9-cat, H2H, 3 keepers (at 1.2x last year's price). Punting assists. Highlighted players are my keepers. We have an IR spot, so I grabbed KD for next season. Fingers crossed for Buddy, Pascal, or Isaac to get SF eligibility, otherwise a trade may be needed. Shower me with praise or tell me where I f'd it all up.
  4. Jarrett Allen or Wendell Carter Jr?
  5. 56% in college because he never took a jumper. If he wants to score in the NBA he's going to have to shoot outside the paint and that isn't going to be pretty.
  6. Simmons is not someone I'll be drafting. I'd love him on my team IRL, but as a rookie I smell very high turnovers and very low percentages without much in the way of defensive stats. Maybe .5 steals and .5 blks . . . 15/5/5 shooting less than 40% , less than one 3 per game and upwards of 4 TOs. Down the line 18/10/8 seems possible. I hope he gets more active and engaged on defense. I hope he learns to shoot.