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  1. With the 200th selection in 2018 Experts draft, Rolling Thunder selects Hayden Hurst, TE, Baltimore.
  2. @JHM_13selects Taywan Taylor. @Rolling Thunderselects Josh Doctson.
  3. Sony Michel, bad knees and all. Couldn't stand by while he fell any further.
  4. I am making a pick purely out of admiration and trust in what I see. Chris Carson is the pick.
  5. The unimaginative and unsatisfying pick is Brandon Cooks.
  6. Travis Kelce folks. I don't usually draft TEs early, but I am making an exception here. Mahomes will need his security blanket.
  7. I just saw this Pack. Was way distracted today. Hope you filled this out and are busy compiling rosters as we speak!!
  8. This thinking is not without parallel. With an experienced game manager already rostered, KC made Mahomes a 1st round selection, and promptly sat him his rookie year. Smith did quite fine, and he ended up a valuable trade chip. Sure Mahomes wasn't selected #1 overall, but Mayfield is no closer to NFL ready than Mahomes was, and Taylor's TD/pick ratio and elite legs suggest that he is capable of operating an offense now loaded with talent just fine. If he just does what he's been doing his entire career (he'll likely do better), odds are good the Browns will win games and Taylor will keep Mayfield comfortably marinating. Dorsey won't mind building Taylor's credibility, and hence trade value, for a season. I don't see any better freebies than Taylor.