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  1. I’m not sure many RB’s could have done well with Buffalo last year. No other weapons at WR/TE, rookie QB who was said to struggle with accuracy, bad o-line (I think?). Not a recipe for success for a RB. Should be night and day going from Last year’s Bills team to the Chiefs.
  2. As a Viking fan it seems like Alshon always has his way with Rhodes. Everyone is having there way with the Vikings defense this year so far.
  3. I’m starting him in my dynasty. Not really brave on my part though considering my only other playable TE is Ricky Seals Jones
  4. We’ll see. Cincy’s offense looks completely different with him out there compared to Gio
  5. Sticking with the Happy Gilmore theme. One of my team names last year was McCafferty Daniel
  6. Wow a lot of people down on him. Guys gonna surprise a lot of people. No way its a 50/50 split with him and Murray. It's 2018, players come back from torn ACL's every year now
  7. As long as Dalvin is healthy he's the #1 RB on this team. There's no competition.
  8. It was a 3 keeper draft. He definitly was not projected 1st considering the ACL I will guarantee you that.
  9. Hindsight 20/20. He did Tear his ACL and was supposed to miss all year I believe not positive though. ACL’s were more serious still a few years ago
  10. In a redraft Keeper league he’s my #2 after Gurley standard redraft im taking him 3 after Gurley and Bell. extremely bitter lately because even though I obtained these keeper fairly over time. The only way my one league would raise the buy in is if we redrafted. My keepers were Gurley, LeVeon, and Zeke... Drafted Gurley 10th overall after winning the championship one year. So everyone else could have picked him. Drafted Zeke after winning the 1st over all pick that year. traded Jeremy Hill, Eddie Lacy, and Sammy Watkins for Le’Veon Bell right after he tore his ACL
  11. There’s so many QB’s now I’m hopeful to trade one of my QB’s and if need be I could grab Rosen/Mayfield/Jackson with my late 2nd
  12. Really want this guy in Dynasty. Guys im willing to trade to obtain a pick in Anthony Millers area. Do I add or do they add to these guys? Tom Brady Jared Goff Marcus Mariota Lamar Miller
  13. I agree there’s a lot to like. I’m a believer in him and Price. Unless it’s a full point PPR, RB’s usually run the league and everyone knows his ceiling.
  14. True. Hopefully I’m the lone Joe Mixon truther haha