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  1. You would think but who knows what goes on in Belichick's mind
  2. You guys ready for 18 carries for 18 yards and 2 TDs?
  3. In the wise words of Bob Barker: "This guy sucks."
  4. He ****** up and Belichick put him in the corner because they were up by so much. Patriots RBs have fumbled before and the first couple is not a death sentence. First fumble you get pulled for a few drives. Second fumble you get pulled for a quarter or so. 3rd fumble and that's when you see your time severely diminished.
  5. Lots of players don't practice on Wednesday. If he's not at practice other days then start getting worried.
  6. Anyone going to start him before Coleman comes back? And who's to say that he doesn't have a role when Coleman does come back? It's not like Coleman has been a very good goal line back.
  7. The thing is that BB and McDaniels are not stupid. There is 2 possible reasons that I can see that they aren't even giving Sony dump-offs. 1) They really don't trust Sony's hands. 2) They don't want to start passing to Sony until they really have to so that teams don't prepare for it using game tape.
  8. I'm starting to worry about Sony. I have a feeling he will eventually be replaced by Harris this year.
  9. Snap counts are not a good way to figure out who Conner's backup is. You want to look for RBs with a similar skillset and that is Snell. Samuel will get more touches but he can't handle the same load that Conner could. I predict about a 50/50 share between Snell and Samuel if Conner is out unless Snell becomes more productive.
  10. How much for Gore with Singletary having the hamstring injury? I'm thinking 20%.
  11. Lesson learned a sure thing isn't always a sure thing
  12. Who else is Eli going to pass to though?
  13. Arians and Jameis turned a pro bowler to s---
  14. I would think about it but it's an RB desert out there