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  1. That fall tonight looked BAD, I can’t believe he came back, he might be made of rubber. Brevin Knight said he finishes too many plays flat on the hardwood, I have to agree. I bought League Pass primarily too watch this kid. Man, it’s going to be sweet when he finally packs that one he’s been trying for all season. Ja has all of the skills to be the best player in the NBA, one day....
  2. I appreciate the help Ponza88, miasma16 and hydratemeH2O, Thanks!
  3. Since you’re a Rams fan maybe you can help me out. Who is the handcuff here? I wish the Rams would’ve just resigned C.J. Anderson, the Lions aren’t paying him very much money.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread, he is on my radar.
  6. I re-read this in the voice of Phil Hartman as Jimmy the Greek.
  7. The Bills need to bring scumbag Richie Incognito back, the guy is clearly a monster and doesn’t belong anywhere other than a football field.
  8. Nope, this team wouldn’t have coasted past a team with Todd Gurley on it.
  9. Why is all of this league entry fee talk in this thread? I’m sure there’s a proper place for this debate, but it isn’t in the Saquon Barkley thread.
  10. I handcuffed him in my two QB league. There are only 3 starters left and they're awful. I have a low waiver and would have no chance at Jimmy if Brady went down.
  11. Kupp your ballz when you jaGOFF Quajizz Rodgers Graham Ganorrhea
  12. I think Mixon is far and away the most talented Bengals RB, but you will hate Jeremy Hill if you don't already. You'll see a scoring alert for the Bengals and have a moment of excitement only to have it crushed when it was Hill scoring.