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  1. in an 8 cat keeper league, who would you choose: Brandon Ingram or Bam Adebayo?
  2. Read somewhere, probably here in Rotoworld, that Embiid sat only 1 game last season due to pure load management. He was playing on almost all their b2b's last year. His minutes increased, too. Personally, the injury risk is more of a concern than load management. Still fairly high on him, though. Especially with the offseason weight loss (25 lbs)? Outside the top 5 in 8cat, for me, no one offers a statline and elite upside like Embiid's. It's like KAT's but more explosive. 28 13.5 3.5 with 1.-something threes and 2 blocks on positive %s? With room to improve on his 4th year? Yes, some injury risk. Yes, IF he stays healthy maybe he will be rested more. You can say that for most of the top 12, though. Including Giannis (rested during fantasy playoffs), AD, Harden, etc.
  3. You guys know when the draft guide is available?
  4. I've just finished an 12 team 8cat (daily changes, 6 starters and 1 IL) Embiid was staring at me at round 5, pick 56. so I wen't for it. Also had 2 great bigs with AD and Gobert already.