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  1. https://twitter.com/draftchampagne/status/1312988191868284928?s=20 I opted to drink and watch football but I almost joined this draft when they needed 2 more only.
  2. It is how they did new positions for this year also, it is usually 10 games so that 7.4 becomes 3.7 and now they rounded up and 4 games during the season added a extra position. I remembered 4 so when I seen JD only played 7 games in the OF I thought he missed by 1 game so I went and read over the rules.
  3. Will have just played enough at NFBC "It will be 7 games played this year to earn position eligibility next season. 60 games x .123% = 7.4, so we'll round down and make it 7 for next year."
  4. At least with me streaming pitching can often hurt you badly in 2 categories and I seem to have a knack for adding 2 start Pitchers through FAAB who get their 2nd start pushed back to the following week, get hurt, get demoted to the bullpen or hell multiple times get sent down to the minors/alternate site.
  5. I agree with you and the 2020 season being screwy but I still stand by my pitching strategy for me especially going forward, searching by 2019 by pitching pts my roto teams in 2019 at NFBC had 3,4,6.5,7 and 2 for 22.5 roto pts, 4,4,12,7,8 for 35 that can play and my final team in 2019 was 7,9,3,4,2 for 25. Through 2 years I seem to stink at finding mid-late round pitchers and I stink at streaming pitchers (2 start or just matchup based). I tend to be much better identifying mid to late round hitters or streaming them (7 game week based and/or matchup/ballpark based)
  6. All 5 were in July, 1 rotowire online championship and 4 rotowire qualifiers.
  7. 2020 was/still is a weird year. Due to this unprecedented year I had/put in a lot more time towards fantasy baseball. I did 5 12 team NFBC leagues this year including a Online Championship in which I finished 13th overall and won my solo league, in the other 4 I finished 1st, 2nd, 4th and 4th. In my 2 1st place finishes I went 4 pitchers in the 1st 11 rounds, 6 pitchers in the first 12 (including 4 in the first 6) and had the 2nd most roto pts in pitching categories in each league. My 2nd place team finished 2nd despite my poor staff finishing 9th in ERA and WHIP and finishing with the 7th most roto pitching pts but closer to last then first, hell closer to last then 4th. In this league I took 3 Pitchers through 6 rounds but my next starter wasn't until round 15 so I kind of wasted my 3 aces (Clevinger, Castillo, Greinke in this case) by surrounding them with a motley crue and chasing 2 start starters and the best 1 start matchups on waivers (but there is a reason these arms are on waivers to begin with. My 1st 4th place team was only 7 roto pts out of 1st and finished dead last in ERA and Whip and had the 2nd fewest roto pts in the pitching categories. In this league my first pitcher was taken in the 5th round followed by #2 and #3 in rounds 8 and 9 with one of those being Kluber then my 4th was taken in the 15th to give me motley crue staff like in my 2nd place team. The final 4th place team I took 2 pitchers through 6 rounds, added my 3rd in Ohtani in rnd 10 which in hind sight especially in the NFBC weekly format where you can only use him as a hitter or pitcher it was a bad pick. I hit on Fried as my 4th SP in round 13 then a bunch more whiffs. In this league I was 2.5 roto pts out of 2nd and that is with finishing with the 6th most roto pts in pitching. So in 2021 NFBC leagues (9 p, weekly rosters, can change hitters on Friday) where you can't stream and can't make franken aces out of multiple relievers etc... and based on my inability to stream/find late round pitchers I'm gonna try to get 5 top 30ish (I will have the number I'm comfortable with during draft prep as in who is the lowest guy before I feel drop off occurs) or in a case like my 1 1st place finish I took P's in rnd 3-6 (25,48,49 and 72) so in this particular draft I had 3 top 16 starters and 4 top 23 starters based on where they were selected and I would be happy with that again. On the hitting side of things I'm gonna try not to clog up the utility spot early whether it be with Nelson Cruz or like I did this year with 3 SS in the first 8 rounds in 1 league essentially rendering finding a breakout 2b or sometimes not being able to get someone else in at util as their position is full. Another thing I try to do is punt a position or 2. I find the easiest one to do is 1b or 3b seeing how for the most part all you get from 1b and 3b is 4 categories and by choosing your man from your options or off waivers based on the upcoming games and matchups you should be able to do fine and this year for example could have landed a set and forget option like Voit, Dom Smith, Hosmer, Flores, Walker at 1B and Seager, Jeimer, BAnderson, Franco at 3b along the way either through the draft or free agency. 5th OF is another position that could be a punt/stream option and of course Util I think should be unless a value falls to far to pass on just to A give you flexibility if you find a breakout somewhere and B if you need to address a certain category.
  8. ROUND 5 1.Jesus Luzardo 2. Max Fried 3. Dinelson Lamet 4. Michael Conforto 5. Zach Plesac 6. Stephen Strasburg 7. Austin Meadows 8. Sonny Gray 9. Brandon Lowe 10. Corbin Burnes 11. Mike Clevinger 12. Jeff McNeil 13. Hyun Jin Ryu 14. Sixto Sanchez 15. Josh Hader Round 6 1. Lance Lynn 2. Liam Hendriks 3. Carlos Carrasco 4. Zack Wheeler 5. Javy Baez 6. Pete Alonso 7. Dominic Smith 8. Jose Berrios 9. Chris Paddack 10. Yoan Moncada 11. Sal Perez 12. Dylan Bundy 13. Mike Yastrzemsi 14. Charlie Blackmon 15. Matt Olson
  9. Round 4 1. Brandon Woodruff 2. Eloy Jimenez 3. Trent Grisham 4. Tyler Glasnow 5. Rafael Devers 6. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 7. Starling Marte 8. Luke Voit 9. Ozzie Albies 10. Cavan Biggio 11. Eric Hosmer 12. Blake Snell 13. Keston Hiura 14. Teoscar Hernandez 15. George Springer
  10. Round 3 of the aforementioned $ league Round 3 1. Zac Gallen 2. Jose Abreu 3. Tim Anderson 4. Nolan Arenado 5. Kenta Maeda 6. Whit Merrifield 7. Luis Castillo 8. Adalberto Mondesi 9. Xander Bogaerts 10. Gleyber Torres 11. Luis Robert 12. Kyle Tucker 13. JT Realmuto 14. Anthony Rendon 15. Marcell Ozuna 5 teams have started 3 straight hitters Betts-Bregman-Arenado (At first glance I'm not a fan of this not due to the 3 players selected but that the CI is already locked up after 3 rounds. I feel you lose so much flexibility both building your team through the draft and also in season management while adding players through FAAB, NFBC is a no trade high stakes site) Lemahieu-Seager-Tucker (something to say with that batting average through 2 rounds that allows taking on batting average drains later but I like to get SB or pitching early as Power could be easily found and any position but maybe this owner has a plan, Lemahieu flexibility is nice . Tucker in the 3rd is a high risk high reward pick and adds some SB to the team) Trea-Bryce-JT Realmuto (great start in the NFBC being a 2 C league, good chance 2 or 3 arms will be added to the mix through round 6) Freeman-Lindor-Rendon (great 5 cat start especially when you consider you normally don't get any SB out of 1B and 3B so the lack of SB by Freeman and Rendon isn't as big as I brought up with Seager being a SS and possibly DJLM being a 2B but if plays at 1B, 3B or CI his speed is fine.) Machado-Bellinger-Ozuna (assuming Ozuna returns to Atlanta a great start, getting some speed at 3B in Machado is nice and the flexibility and speed if using Bellinger at 1b or CI is great.) 4 teams started with 2 P's and 1 hitter and 6 with 2 hitters and 1 pitcher.
  11. The NFBC players typically push up pitching ADP compared to the more casual sites (usually) like yahoo, espn etc... so I would view the 6 pitchers in that group of 7 as the order in which to rank the pitchers but depending on your league could definitely be round 3 or 4 picks. If you read some of the analysis in the link I gave they did this same thing last year and were pretty close on what adp turned out to be. "This past year, PreMature Drafters nailed 14 of 15 of what would be the final ADP in the first round of NFBC drafts." "Every player who was drafted in the first round of last years PreMature Draft, have been selected in the first two rounds of this draft. Except one player. Nolan Arenado." "21 of the 30 players selected, were also selected in the first two rounds last year. The partial year just completed has a lot to do with that."
  12. Here's the first bit of $ league ADP... You can read some analysis here... https://nfc.shgn.com/forum/baseball#/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22580 You can check the online championship finals standings there too I was 13th a little luck with wins and especially saves and I would have had a shot, can't wait until next year. You can check cool story bro if your interested in my $200 bet on Abreu at 51-1 to lead the majors in RBI's. I shared it this year in the Abreu thread I hope some of you were on board. I will share more findings but I think using fantasy baseball preparations on prop bets and future bets will be profitable. This was essentially my first bet and it was 100% fueled by fantasy preparation (check the Abreu thread) and I think not only betting on outright winners but betting on or against players you like or dislike could be profitable. IE there are always guys you are in on (higher then consensus) throw some $ on their overs and guys you are out on throw some money on some unders. Round 1 1. Ronald Acuna Jr. 2. Fernendo Tatis Jr. 3. Shane Bieber 4. Mookie Betts 5. Mike Trout 6. Jose Ramirez 7. Gerritt Cole 8. Juan Soto 9. Christian Yelich 10. Trevor Story 11. Jake deGrom 12. DJ Lemahieu 13. Trea Turner 14. Freddy Freeman 15. Manny Machado Round 2 1, Cody Bellinger 2. Francisco Lindor 3. Bryce Harper 4. Corey Seager 5. Trevor Bauer 6. Jack Flaherty 7. Yu Darvish 8. Max Scherzer 9. Bo Bichette 10. Lucas Giolito 11. Aaron Judge 12. Alex Bregman 13. Walker Buehler 14. Clayton Kershaw 15. Aaron Nola
  13. Thank you Jose!!! I can't upload the screenshot apparently but my 200.35 at 51-1 =10217.85. Good luck on the AL MVP as I seen in your contract that if you win it you get a extra $100,000!!!
  14. Zeke is a thoroughbred, the other two are 110% must own with the bandaids/no track record of a work load in front of them.
  15. A yahoo loophole you can use is make sure to make waiver claims or faab claims Sunday night or if your lucky Monday while Golladay is still out, they will still process but was the out is off yeah you can't make any adds or even claims without activating him thus dropping someone else.