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  1. There's more gold recently on his twitter too. He's even selling a t-shirt on his website now called buzzers and bandaids.
  2. ttps://twitter.com/BauerOutage/status/1216883530644410368 https://twitter.com/BauerOutage/status/1216883530644410368
  3. Josh Donaldson at Target Field 22 games .373/.464/.819 10 HR 21 RBI
  4. If it starts soon I'm in, I have 2 weeks off right now and would love to mock.
  5. They are now. At least for NFL and NBA we can play in those sports pro leagues and dfs where before this past nfl season neither were possible.
  6. Yeah I do for baseball,football and basketball, you can play in a satelite league which is a typical league but they take about 10% rake or you can play in leagues with big grand prizes where depending on year but i think they do well 50 or so % goes to the grand prize (if they get more for the grand prize then they gurantee ie 1 million with $250k to first then they make that as rake also. They are fast in paying out and sending cheques, now they have it so you can keep your money in your account (they also a partnered with fanball so can use there too) Believe it or not just a few years ago they would only send cheques even if you knew you were just gonna play the following season/sport.
  7. I'm sure the Padres would have traded Shields while only having to pay half of his remaining contract for @kenag122002 Ridding themselves of Shields while only paying him half what he is owed is a win. Happens all the time in pro sports, the Texans gave yes gave the Browns a 2nd round pick yes a 2nd round pick to take the bad contract of Brock Osweiler off their hands.
  8. My offense in last years mock around christmas time turned out well. Altuve, Goldschmidt, Bryant, Springer, Castellanos, Scwarber, Mancini, Dejong among others, my staff well not so much.
  9. Make it 13 or 15 and I'm in. Or 14 if this is a non roto mock (h2h categories).
  10. Joined a startup dynasty for the first time this year and am loving it. Currently have 4 1sts next year including what would be as now 1st and 2nd, and barring a miracle they'll both be top 3 as it's a 3 team race for last. Anyways I'm wondering where is a good place to see the possible incoming class and also a good place for rankings and what not dynasty wise. Thanks
  11. Cleveland Defense for similar reasons to the Jets. Their schedule looks very good.
  12. So on yahoo I know if you have a player OUT on ir and he switches to questionable you have to activate in order to make moves. My question is what if I did all my waiver claims before the player became questionable, will they all be invalid or will they process??? Thanks
  13. 4th round on all 3 teams 😬, 39th, 39th and 43rd, got @StifleTower2value play Lowry on 2 teams in the 5th both times and he actually went in the 3rd of the draft I didn't land him. I feel the 2nd round value reward is worth the 4th round draft risk.
  14. Ok, that makes sense, Booker once in a while can fall there but I was more or less just adding to what I mistakenly viewed as Harden going 12th overall. No worries here now, carry on.
  15. So you're telling me you got Harden 12th overall and Booker 36th??? JLaw ok gif