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  1. Agree completetly. In 4 ffpc best balls OBJ thus far has gone 42, 44, 39 and 45 but also other good values are in that neighbourhood like Juju, Ridley, Thielen, Woods, Lockett, Metcalf, TY Hilton etc...
  2. He most certainly did, the data obviously didn't go that far back that I seen, I just seen it tweeted.
  3. Agree, I believe I posted the numbers in the undervalued or somewhere but for 4 straight years he was a top 15 or better WR, before the Seattle game where he got a concussion last year he was on pace for 80-1200 or so and likely another finish in the top 15 ballpark. At his ADP a 7th-8th round pick won't kill you if you miss but he has round 4 or so upside which he's shown in 4 seperate seasons and in 4 games before the concussion last year.
  4. Only 1 WR (Brandon Marshall in 2012) has been a top 12 WR the first year with a new team. OBJ and Should have been faded last year based on this, I will go with data and avoid Hopkins this season.
  5. My fav best ball start thus far though is... Zeke Kelce Kittle Lev Bell Ridley Parker Chark Cooks JHoward Jimmy GQ James White Teddy Bridgewater Has me thinking of the old TJ Houshamanzadeh championship fantasy football commercial Above gif was supposed to be Homer Simpson stupid like a fox
  6. @isuckatdfshere's more reasons to look forward for when we do a league together or 2. Drew pick 12 in a $25 NFFC Best Ball Slow live draft, Selected Kelce 12th and Kittle 13th (previous min pick was 16, won't change on their ADP until this draft is completed but setting new min picks, zigging while others zag or is it more the following gif, we shall see. https://gfycat.com/acceptableopulentinexpectatumpleco
  7. https://twitter.com/MikeClayNFL/status/1265665890357559298 Based on the above, and being redraft it's not Dobbins.
  8. Agree, last year despite many rankings having Conner, Mixon, Bell and Damian Williams high for whatever reason being sample size or lack on talent on offense I was 100% out on them. Cook was my guy based on Kubiak and I posted a article here last year showing his history as a play caller for all positions, I believe I posted same article in Cousins thread but besides the point. This year after the top 5 Chubb is my guy based on adding Conklin at RT, a LT 10th overall and the new coach was under Kubiak last year, will it be the same on his own I doubt it, but one thing I'm sure on is Mike Shanahan, Gary Kubiak and Kyle Shanahan are RB whisperers and I've seen Stefanski say he can't wait to work with both Chubb and Hunt. I'm likely gonna miss out on Henry, Mixon, Sanders, Drake, Ekeler and Jacobs this fantasy season but I may be wrong on some if not all but with elite WR's or Kelce instead I'll be content. Despite me avoiding those bust RB's above I whiffed bad by being out on Henry in round 3/4. Last season I had a team with a mid-late 1st and went 7 straight RB's Coleman, Breida, Drake, Penny, Freeman, Howard, Ballage I luckily held Drake and it always seemed that I would choose 1 or both starting RB's wrong but was able to finish 2nd. Sanders was on the board when I chose both Coleman and Breida also and I saved my FAAB all year and spent it all on Ty Johnson (who I thought would put me over the top). It's not for all, some couldn't stand having question marks at RB and depending on year Top 4 last year Top 5 this year unless you want MThomas. I agree with @colepenhagenthat a hybrid 1 RB with a top 5 pick is very dangerous too and if you hit on RB2 late or fall into one during the season it could be lethal. The man who won the NFFC overall championship using zero RB way back when had multiple teams and on the teams he had high picks he had lots of Jamal Charles but late picks he went zero RB and it paid off. In terms of upside give me Adams and Julio or Adams and Kelce late over any 2 man combination of Sanders, Ekeler, Drake, Jacobs, CEH but I get the grab 2 RB like in the Florio article or Dalton Del Don likes to start with 4 straight RB's or 4 of the first 5 etc...
  9. I'm down, I got 2nd in my FBG league last year for $500 plus in the overall tourney won a $350 ticket for this year so if you want that I'm down, if not a cheaper league with no overall. I mainly use yahoo money for DFS football and also ypro for basketball and baseball as i don't have local leagues in those sports but whatever is best for you works for me.
  10. https://www.rotoballer.com/fantasy-draft-strategy-starting-with-two-rbs/739016 Zig when Zag sometimes as the above article promoting RB RB as well as many on twitter appear to be etc..., top 5 pick I go RB 6 on though Henry could break down and next to nothing in pass game, Mixon could hold out and yet to fully put it all together, Chubb when Hunt was activated his receptions disappeared, Sanders small sample size, Drake small sample size, Jacobs small sample size more weapons brought in, Ekeler yet to do it without Rivers, AJones 4 of his biggest games were with Adams out plus TD regression likely and also the Packers have a tough schedule so 13-3 and less positive game scripts possible, Helaire yet to play a down and Williams lurks and also rarely do 4.6 or worse RB's do great things in the NFL etc...
  11. I likely won't draft the above way just being open to it. I'm from Canada so my local leagues use Canadian dollars and etransfers but I do have money on NFFC, FFPC including a $350 ticket and yahoo if any of those options interest you.
  12. 2 top 5, maybe 3 top 10, 4 top 20 and hopefully a top 4 TE also through 5 rounds. Your RB's will be bad but with a little luck could elevate this team into a juggernaut. Let's say Adams Julio Kittle Juju/OBJ/Thielen Ridley/Woods/Lockett Hunt/a TB RB/Kerryon/Dwilliams type same as above RB's White/Michel/Duke Johnson/Mack/Guice/Lindsay/a Dolphin RB same as above It's not pretty but if just 1 RB pans out it's a scary team.
  13. This year could be another year where it could come back, many people are advocating RB early and wait on WR that a possibility to zig may occur, Michael Florio was in a draft where 11 of the 12 first rounders were RB, Dalton Del Don on a yahoo podcast likes to start with 4 RB's etc...