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  1. I also hate early drafts. If you're interested in my league as follows below let me know.




    As the commissioner of a league that unfortunately disbanded after over 10 years I am looking to

    re-institute the league after several years of not being able to stand all of the generic leagues like

    those found on the NFL, Yahoo, ESPN and CBSSports sites.


    If you looking for rules, scoring and a larger player roster unlike those found on the generic sites

    mentioned above, I hope you'll take the time to check out what The Playball Fantasy Football League

    has to offer, as follows:


    DYNASTY- carry over any/all players drafted after the 1st 3 rounds. Any players carried over

                       will take a draft spot 3 rounds higher in your following years draft at a 20%

                       increase in salary. ONLY drafted players that remain on a roster continuously throughout

                       the season are eligible for carry-over.


    TEAMS- 12 teams-3 divisions


    SALARY CAP- cap is 1.6 million. A player salary list will be provided by the commish for

                             top players, in descending order, based on their previous years performance.

                             Typically, the #1 player at each position has a salary at or near 200k. Players

                             not on the list are available at a minimum salary of 25k. All undrafted players

                             on the draft day salary list are available when free agent pick-ups start at 1/2

                             their draft day salary as free agents


    MONEY- In the past the league fee has always been $100. We use Myfantasyleague, so there

                   will be a site fee. ALL of the remainder of the league fee goes into the prize pool.

                  (Depending on owner input, fee may be set between $50.-$100, just remember, the

                   higher the fee, the higher the winnings.)


    SCHEDULE- Head to head contests, 13 week regular season and 3 weeks of play-offs. We

                          do not play in week 17 due to NFL teams resting players, etc. in their week 17



    DRAFT- Live draft-25 rounds-as close to the beginning of the NFL regular season as possible

                  depending on owners availability. At no time during the draft or the season will a team

                  be allowed to exceed the roster or salary cap limits. If an owner has a draft time conflict

                  they may set up an auto draft list on the site or give same to a friend or the commish to

                  draft for them but I highly discourage that process. I have seen some really awful,

                  non-competitive teams drafted that way, especially due to salary cap considerations.

                  We have always allowed 2 minutes per pick. Although early picks go fast, middle to late

                  rounds, owners often take the full 2 minutes so a long draft, 5 hours or more, is possible.

                  At the end of the draft ALL teams must have a legal/complete starting line-up for week 1

                  of our season. NO free agent pick-ups or trades until after our week 1 games are



    ROSTERS- 25 player roster.


    STARTING LINE-UPS- 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1pk, 1team def./special teams.


    Scoring--other than s/t, int. and fumble return td's, all td's are distance based as are fg's.

                   Standard -2 points for int's and lost fumbles.


    TRANSACTIONS- All transactions, free agent pick-ups and drops, trades and IR/PUP moves

                                  are included in the league fee. No more than 2 free agent pick-ups per

                                  week and only 1 per position per week.(no cornering the market)

                                 .Any player placed on his NFL teams IR/PUP list is eligible for

                                  your IR/PUP and would free up that players roster spot and salary for

                                  your acquiring a free agent to replace him on your roster.


    PLAYOFFS- 3 division winners and 3 wild-card teams compete in weeks 14-16 for the league



    PRIZES-Based on $100 league fee(minus $90. site fee if league not filled by 7/31) 

                  high game score for the season-$50.

                  regular season champion---------$100

                  remainder of prize pool to play-off contenders, as follows:

                  1st place--60%($576)

                  2nd place-25%($240)

                  3rd place-10%($96)

                  4th place(  5%($48)



    RULES- all league rules posted on the site. Any owner may request a vote to change league

                  rules by a majority vote, any commissioner rulings may be over turned by a majority

                  league vote. Any trade, having received complaints from 3 owners, will be brought up

                  for a league vote.


    I think that is enough to give you a fairly good idea about our league. We had a great group of

    dedicated and knowledgeable owners in the past and some of them will be returning. I hope to

    find owners to match them in ability for a fair and balanced league.


    For more info, a link to the site, etc., please contact me at: