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  1. I've thought about getting into it as I have a young boy that may be interested as he grows (he's still a toddler). But like you said, seemed it got so over-produced and watered down. I guess I'd need to research to find out how to find the valuable ones and get some autographed. I'd love to have an Acuña signed rookie.
  2. I remember that and finding a pic of her online, very cool!!
  3. The best worst QB ever is set to retire Friday.
  4. Who are the guys you are targeting (redraft) that won't start the season in MLB but will soon be called up and could quickly make a fantasy impact?
  5. Seriously. And these players don't have to divulge details, but something along the lines of: "It's a very unfortunate situation that I'm sorry to have been a part of. I accept responsibility for being involved and it won't happen again. With that in mind, I'd like to move forward and work towards getting back to the WS in 2020". Something like that would go a long way in moving past this sooner than later.
  6. Thoughts on Bryant this year? Chances he regains MVP form as he closes in on free agency? Or another up and down season (albeit decent) a la 2019? Health concerns.
  7. didn’t see the other one from 6 hours before. My bad. Kill the thread already.
  8. you’re fast. I immediately edited it. good catch thread killer.