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  1. P.S. do you really think Cousins will target JJ like Eli targeted OBJ? I don't. I also trust Eli (at that stage) more than Cousins (at this stage).
  2. Love the player, don't trust the team/QB.
  3. Yeah I'm thinking right around 25, but ups and downs week to week.
  4. I can't imagine MIA turns into a running offense and with Tua's arm/accuracy, if he locks onto Parker, it could be fun. Unless Miami defense keeps shutting teams down.
  5. Where do you guys rank JJ ROS in PPR, like what tier? 15-20? 20-25? 25-30? 30+?
  6. well, to be fair I never said “low” ceiling.
  7. Felt like a kinda fluky night. High floor but the ceiling probably isn’t as high going forward. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. At least Dallas gets the ball back lol but Zeke prolly done for night
  9. drops and fumbles aren’t his fault. But yeah not great so far.
  10. JFC! Get home from work and check score to see my best player has 2 fumbles already. 😭 😭