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  1. It sure is going strong. I'm still surprised by the amount of people out there selling, buying and trading. And the values are up! I'm also realizing how much there is to learn and watch. And then tomorrow, it could change. I'm enjoying following it. And my personal collection has grown from zero to about 100 cards in no time! I've made some rookie mistakes, too. Early on I just started buying a bunch of cards without truly researching them, or truly thinking ahead of what I want my collection to looks like. @Backdoor Slider has been an AMAZING help. It's fun to discuss and learn. Patience is now my key as a new collector. At the same time, if you know a card you 100% want, you have to be ready to pounce. I've missed out on some awesome cards/deals. There will be more, though. I think a lot of people are bored without sports and fantasy. As well as getting some stimulus cash. So the market has been up. Might see some better prices later this year and/or in the off season (if we have a season, fingers crossed).
  2. AZ has a LOT of hospital/icu/ventilator capacity and is keeping the stay home order in place until May 15 (at least).
  3. The next of the Purge movie series... The Purge: Outbreak "This is a stick up! Give me all your toilet paper!" - "oh no, please don't shoot!! I have kids!!" "it's not a gun, just need to get your temp reading"
  4. not to mention, “franks and beans” (half my diet lately lol)
  5. Enjoy your 2020 fantasy baseball "simulated" season:
  7. roto is for winners who drive BMW's and eat filet mignon. .
  8. I didn’t get a like from the Doc
  9. My squad: C - Realmuto 1B - D. Santana 2B - K. Marte 3B - E. Suarez SS - F. Lindor OF - Jimenez, Rosario, Benintendi, Choo Util - J. Polanco, Eaton BN - I. Happ, L. Arraez, W. Calhoun SP - Buehler, Kershaw, Luzardo, Price, Tanaka, Hamels, Cease RP - Hand, Kimbrel, Melancon, Trienen, Watson Now we just need baseball to happen in 2020!! Thank you, @tonycpsu! Enjoyed drafting with you all. Lots of snipers and a competitive group, good stuff! Thanks!