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  1. did BAL really just get the ball to the 1 yard line and not even get a FG out of it before half? WTF?
  2. Rematch PIT vs. GB GB beats them again.
  3. Gus hurt? Now Hill is getting goaline work? EDIT, TD GUS!!!!!!!!
  4. This game is terrible, I think I'll go watch a movie that should be much better than this game....
  5. not sure why they stopped using Davis like they did earlier on. what a tease.
  6. I hear that, but at the end of the day a professional (anyone for that matter) needs to be aware of what they are putting in their body. They make millions (the stars like Fuller do) and all it would have taken was a little diligence to make sure it wasn't banned before taking the pills. Either a liar or a dummy.
  7. I guess with the Thursday game being pushed to Monday, they can push waivers another day. ugh
  8. This Steelers Ravens game is now a huge joke. I should have sat out fantasy leagues this year. 2020 is a trash bag!