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  1. This year's gonna be a challenge even for the better teams in fantasy. Who knows how this 60-game season is gonna turn out? Anyway, I'd like to give that team a go. Definitely a plus that your league has been around a while.
  2. I'll volunteer to take the open team. I think I've played in one of your leagues before. It's been a while since the sports world shut down and fantasy leagues went into hibernation. Email?
  3. Did you send me an invite? I don't see one and I'm prepared to join right away
  4. Interested if this is a free league. Is the draft still scheduled for today? I'd take the New Orleans Wolves if they were still available. If so, send the invite to .
  5. Interested if there's still an opening (and the league is on ESPN)
  6. Interested in the second team/league Email is
  7. Interested in the HGH team (if it's still available). I'm assuming this is a free league. Email is .
  8. I'd take the Mavs but it doesn't look like you'll be drafting anytime soon