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  1. Our league has been together for several years. We lose 1 or 2 owners each year for various reasons. THis year we have just 1 opening for our upcoming draft on Sunday, March 15 @ 9 p.m. ET. Some facts about our league, called Hard Core Owners: 12 teams in 2 divisions 8-team playoff with the 4 non-playoff teams competing in the consolation tournament for the #1 draft pick the following year LIVE DRAFT Draft pick trading allowed Active, engaged owners Vacant team: Brad Handjobs (no joke! But you can change it!) Interested in taking over this team? Post your e-mail address here and you will get an invite! dunaye of our 12 owners
  2. Still looking for a new owner. Please send post your email address if interested. Thanks.
  3. OK great! Sending you an invite now. The playoffs are a longshot, but we still have about half the season left and also if you miss the playoffs, you can still play for the #1 pick next year. We just realized this week this owner was not playing The owner has been with the league for a few years. Nothing is impossible right now! You will enjoy the league and the competition.
  4. One of the best ways to play fantasy hockey is H2H Points! Our long-time league needs to replace a no-show owner. About the league: Name : No Helmet Hockey Teams: 12 (in 3 divisions) Format: H2H Points Vacant Team Winnipeg Wildcats/ 0-11 record so far, but only because of neglect. There is still time to make the playoffs Playoffs: 6 teams (2 byes)/non-playoff teams play consolation tourney for #1 draft pick Draft: Live draft only -- draft pick trading allowed If interested, please leave your email address below. Thanks. The Commish ur longstanding H2H Keeper
  5. OK try it now. I inadvertently had it set on private view. Thanks.
  6. Our longstanding league needs to replace just 1 owner for the upcoming season. About the league: League: Catch This! Teams: 12 in 3 divisions Format: H2H 16-Category Keeper Keepers: 8 Draft Pick Trading: Yes Playoffs: 8 teams (one-week matchups) Non-Playoff Teams use the post-season consolation tourney to play for #1 draft pick in upcoming season FREE LEAGUE (no $$) Vacant team: Bronx Bombers If interested, please leave email address below. Thanks, The Commish .
  7. We're almost two months into the new NBA season, but never too te for fantasy. If we get enough interest, I am starting up a new 12-team Keeper league drafting TONIGHT! The draft is critical because as a late-starting league, the stats will be retroactive. League: Late Bloomers Teams: 12 (all in one super division 1-12) Format: H2H Each Category Keeper: 3 Playoffs: 8 teams (2 week rounds) Whoever has the highest scoring week among non-playoff teams during the Consolation Tournament wins the # 1draft pick next season If interested, leave your email address below so I can invite you. Thanks! The Commish
  8. League Name: Round Mounds of Rebound Teams: 12 Format: H2H 12-Category Vacant team: NOPE NTY League features: winner of postseason consolation tourney (non-playoff teams) gets #1 draft pick draft pick trading allowed (really adds to the realism) incoming rookies protected throughout preseason until the draft frequent polls If interested, leave your info below...including email address. Thanks
  9. Still have one team left. Come join while the season is still young!
  10. Welcome Vinny! Only the NOPE NTY team is available now.
  11. These are both FREE leagues. Each has one opening due to early-season owner abandonment: League Name: Round Mounds of Rebound Teams: 12 Format: H2H Each Category Vacant team: NOPE NTY League Name: Alley Oopers Teams: 12 Format: H2H Points Vacant Team: Should be Studying Both leagues feature live drafting, draft pick trading and a consolation tournament among the "non-playoff teams" to compete for the #1 draft pick the following season. Respond here if interested (please include your email address to get an invite) in taking over one of these teams. First come, first serve. er