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  1. Well, Giannis and Bam will shore up the 5 cats you are strong in and even with Harden and Tatum you are struggling in FT%. Regardless of whether you make the trade, most of your players touch the ball a lot so TOs is going to be a loss most weeks. It would be a good trade if you are ok punting TOs and FT%. Harden and Tatum get a lot of 3 PTM so that could be an issue as well.
  2. Then you did well friend! Good luck, I hope it works out well for you!
  3. i believe he is a hold in 12+ team leagues While he will obviously not be the same player as when Kyrie was out, he is a solid player much in the same mold as Jason Terry but not as efficient. He provides value with Kyrie on the floor and he provides significant value with Kyrie out.
  4. I believe he has more value in real life than fantasy. He isn't a very efficient scorer. Even in points leagues, he is difficult to own.
  5. Exactly right, my friend. Hopefully, he doesn't get a hang nail which would give them another excuse to sit him.
  6. No doubt about the talent. Just needs to stay healthy.
  7. I like the trade. You appear to be weakest at SF and while you will take a hit in 3PTM and ast, Gordon still provides good numbers in both categories. The biggest issue is injuries. Gordon carries some injury risk as do Jrue and Kyrie. But, Trae more than buffers you.
  8. Your team is pretty solid now and in 1st place. It is an interesting trade but tread carefully since you are in a solid position. My initial reaction is no unless you are willing to punt FT%. What categories do you typically win? What categories do you typically struggle in? Does this trade help you in those categories?
  9. Without knowing your team and what stats or positions you need, I prefer Brown over Wood.
  10. I agree with the others, Huerter is primed for a nice finish to the season.
  11. The only player I would consider swapping for right now might be Miles Bridges. That might be ok, if you don't expect anyone to pick up Holmes.
  12. I agree that is tough. I would lean toward Bryant. The Wizards are a mess and they have a lot of options at center. He may be sharing minutes more as the season goes on as the Wizards try to evaluate other guys.