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  1. Always open for business. Make me an offer.
  2. Luck Dynasty selects Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers.
  3. Kyle Rudolph, Gus Edwards, or Darwin Thompson plus 2021 3rd round pick available for 2020 3rd round pick.
  4. Looking to move into the 2nd round, my 2021 2nd and 3rd round picks are on the table in a possible deal. Also, can look at players depending on the deal. - Luck Dynasty
  5. Looking to move into the 1st round, my 2021 1st is on the table in a possible deal. - Luck Dynasty
  6. 2020 Dynasty Bowl Draft Order Round 1 1. White Choc - @mneel55 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs 2. Luck Dynasty - @mbroo5880i - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Indianapolis Colts 3. Silver and Black - to Wink - @El_Chingon - OTC 4. Very Bad Man - @aburley 5. Southern Steeler @southernSteeler 6. Cock and Awe - @Iron-cock 7. JHM - @JHM_13 8. Discount Double Check - @sportsguy21792 9. Texan AD - To Silver & Black - @TexanAD 10. Wink - To Silver & BLack - @Winky 11. Cooks and Castles - to JHM - @vikingapocalypse 12. Hard1 - to JHM - @hard1 Round 2 13. White Choc 14. Luck Dynasty - to Silver and Black 15. Silver and Black 16. Very Bad Man 17. Southern Steeler 18. Cock and Awe 19. JHM 20. Discount Double Check 21. Texan AD - to Cooks and Castles 22. Wink 23. Cooks and Castles 24. Hard1 Round 3 25. Hard1 26. Cooks and Castles 27. Wink 28. Texan AD - to Cooks & Castles 29. Discount Double Check 30. JHM 31. Cock and Awe 32. Southern Steeler 33. Very Bad Man 34. Silver and Black 35. Luck Dynasty 36. White Choc
  7. Luck Dynasty selects Jonathan Taylor, RB, Indianapolis Colts
  8. Looking to pick up another 1st round pick. Hit me up with a trade offer.
  9. I am not sure even if the answer to worldwide healthcare were to be presented in this forum it will make much difference. I guess if we can't discuss basketball or any sports right now, healthcare is as good of a topic as any. Back on topic, I do believe that the NBA has taken a good approach to this issue by postponing the season until things play out a little and can be better assessed. The NCAA position seemed to have been hastily made as they were in the middle of some of the conference tournaments. It is unfortunate that winter sports will not get to finish their championship tournaments and spring sports have been cancelled altogether. I know there is hope that in 30-days the NBA may be able to resume play. That may be a little optimistic but, frankly, no one knows. The question is what will be the quality of play following such a long layoff from game action.
  10. Just saw this. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/zion-pledges-to-cover-pelicans-arena-staff-salaries-for-next-30-days/ar-BB11aamD?ocid=hplocalnews
  11. I agree. When asked about his play in a game, he always recognizes his teammates.
  12. I heard an NBA agent on the radio this evening discussing the Force Majeure clause in the CBA. His take is that just because it in the agreement doesn't mean it is going to be enforced. Of course, what would an agent say? However, he did say he thought there are potential implications on the salary cap since Basketball Related Income will be affected. We can speculate all we want but we really won't know until the 30 day period is over. First, and foremost, is to take measures to reduce the scope of this pandemic and then sort out the next steps. Assuming we are successful in that effort, and I hope we will be, then as we turn our attention to sports and the NBA, I would expect the NBA will try to roll the season calendar back to allow some of the postponed games to be played, even if they have to be moved due to venue issues. I really don't see playing before empty arenas as an option going forward because that would show a lack of compassion and understanding if there were to still be public health concerns at the time league play resumed.
  13. Scott Van Pelt had an interesting take on how Gobert's diagnosis really sped up focus on the seriousness of this issue. Absent the issues surrounding the Jazz-Clippers game which were both abrupt and startling, the NCAA might still be playing games. However, a high profile athlete - who was not even in the building - but who could have been in a building with thousands of people followed by another teammate - who was in the building - both being diagnosed pushed the sports world past its tipping point. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/scott-van-pelt-on-rudy-gobert-and-how-his-coronavirus-diagnosis-may-have-actually-helped-us/ar-BB11952u Sports aside, this situation also raised the concerns to another level from both a public and political perspective.
  14. An interesting article on the ripple effects of suspending the season. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/the-potential-ripple-effects-of-the-nbas-suspended-season/ar-BB117RWm
  15. The guy obviously a goofball. His actions while feeling ill are certainly not defensible. However, we dont know how he or Donovan got the virus. it is fair to be frustrated by the events of the past few days but it is naive to believe Gobert is the sole source of exposure in the NBA or even for his team.