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  1. This is kind of where I see his issue. It would also be great if he had a stronger perimeter game. Getting his 3PTM up to 2.0 would greatly improve his value.
  2. He is certainly a fun player to watch. I just wonder if he can really improve his FT% enough to move up into the top 50. It was brutal in stretches last season.
  3. Locally, not much has been said other than the Pacers recently held press conference where Kevin Pritchard said "Victor is 100% in health and commitment to staying with the Pacers." We'll see. There has been a lot written and discussions on local sport radio about how Victor openly spoke with players with other teams about his desire to come play with them. He appeared to be disappointed when the Pacers brought in Malcolm Brogdon. Not only does that take the ball out of his hands but it makes his getting the money he wants in a new contract unlikely. He wasn't going to get that any way due to the nature of his injury. I still expect his time with the Pacers to be short, whether he is moved before the season or at the trade deadline. I really like Myles as a player and person but I believe the expectations for him outweigh reality. I honestly don't know what Myles can do to change the perception people have of him. The Pacers really need his rim protection and defense but he is really limited offensively. He has more range than Domas, but not the offensive skillset. He doesn't run the break as well as Domas. Unfortunately, I think a lot of teams view Myles similar to Boston. He is a nice player to have but the cost outweighs the benefits. I believe he may hang with the team through the season as they give this lineup one more shot under a new coach. For his part, the new coach has said he is excited about the possibilities.
  4. It would be great if he could get his career back on track. He was fun to watch.
  5. Ah man. I ain't declaring Zeke done until the Cowboys waive him and he signs with the Jets. 😀
  6. Link to league or information on league settings and available teams?
  7. Zeke's issue isn't Zeke. It's the Cowboys. They are a train wreck this year. Dalton is ok but losing Dak killed the season. The franchise has hit a low point that may not reversed for a while. Dak is able to smooth over the weaknesses in the roster. This is a wasted year for Zeke, Amari and others.
  8. I guess I understand they felt they weren't going to compete for a championship with the prior roster composition. I also understand that moving Paul gave them a nice return but then they jettisoned one player they got in return- Oubre - who is young and arguably would help them remain competitive and another - Rubio - who might have helped with SGA's development. I get the concept of gathering high draft picks and tanking constantly but we see where it got Philadelphia. Several years of mediocrity followed by the current position of being competitive but likely no closer to a championship than they were before they started tanking. The only way OKC will ever compete for a championship is to truly hit on several high draft picks like they did with Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. The rest of the manipulations just inflicts pain on their fanbase. I know. As a Pacer fan, the Pacers are in the same boat. However, at least, they are competitive enough that they make an occasional run in the playoffs. By the time they become competitive again, SGA will have already asked to be traded.
  9. I recognize this is the SGA thread but I do find it interesting that several years ago the NBA nixed a CP3 trade to the Lakers as creating a competitive imbalance. Now, they seem ok with super teams forming, even using very creative contract scenarios, and teams like OKC trading the entire team for minimum level players and draft picks. I do believe the NBA has a minimum salary requirement for teams. Did the team really need to be blown up?
  10. Not disputing the data or the perspective, but it is difficult to gauge the validity and applicability of these data without more context. 135 minutes is a small data sample. Do we know who they were playing? Who was on the floor with him? Who was he guarding? The score of the game? Do we know if the TOs were bad passes, teammates not making the play, offensive fouls? Was SGA injured? Tired? 2nd game of b-2-b? Mike Gallagher posts lots of snippets of small data sample assessments. Some have merit, some don't. However, most have no context so they are just snapshots of data. What we do know is mostly anecdotal but plausible. CP3 tends to make most players more efficient both as a playmaker and in his ability to score. His absence from the lineup will probably mean decreased efficiency for all players on his team. It would be interesting to see the same comparison for both CP3 and Schroeder.
  11. I agree 100%. I am cool with Rodgers getting the ball to DeVante or taking a shot downfield MVS but Jones needs to be more active in the game plan. He was running hard and laid the wood defenders when they made contact. I also notice a few times he opted to throw to the TEs who were covered when AJ was open with the ability to pick up plus yards.
  12. I did watch the game but I don't recall how often Jaire was on him. Jaire seemed to be involved in a lot of plays.
  13. He was on the wrong side of all of the pick plays the Colts were running. He laid a few really good blocks on some running and passing plays. Rivers certainly likes to spread it around.
  14. I believe every read Rodgers makes on the line is designed for a passing play unless he perceives an advantage for audibling to a run. The time of possession and offensive plays in the second half was way out of whack.
  15. Fantasy sports is like a visit to the Toy Store. The newest brightest shiniest toys are often favored over the highly dependable standard toys. There is a reason Monopoly, Barbie and the Slinkie have been around so long. MPJ showed what he is capable of last season and I believe most fantasy players believe, and rightfully so, that he offers more in real life and fantasy than Barton, Craig, Millsap ,etc. However, in real life, he plays for a coach who like to spread minutes out and play match ups. He is paid millions to make those decision and has been quite successful at it. MPJ's time will come. Hopefully sooner than later. As ScarioSanity and others have noted, his potential and shininess will cause him to be overdrafted. If I were to guess, he will seem overdrafted early in the year, but seem like a value come the stretch run. I agree with others. Denver only takes the next step if MPJ can take it up another notch. Talent is not the question, staying on the court and being given the opportunity are.