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  1. I’m rolling with Doug Martin, seems to be a safer play.
  2. Anyone firing this guy up tomorrow? Seems awfully risky given via injury history this season.
  3. The Patriots have actually been using their fullback James Develin at the goal line recently. He’s got 4 goal line touchdowns in the last 4 weeks including two vs Minnestota week 13 so I don’t think Sony is a lock for that work at this point unfortunately.
  4. I don’t buy it, I think they know they can beat the Raiders without him and have their biggest game of the year next week vs the Patriots. They want to ensure he is healthy for that one.
  5. Top 5 cuffs moving forward? In no particular order: Malcolm Brown Rams Jaylen Samuels Steelers Darrel Williams Chiefs Gio Bernard Bengals Rod Smith Cowboys
  6. Brandon Marshall, in case he signs with Saints
  7. Wasn’t he hurt week 3 vs Detroit? 8 games plus a bye wouldn’t that be week 12?
  8. Shanahan has said the role of Morris has not changed. Mostert looked explosive in the game so it’s puzzling why Shamahan feels that way if he’s being honest.
  9. Perfect for run downs and goal line work then
  10. No worries on that, no one could foresee his most recent ailment before it was announced. This forum is great for information and educated opinions. I agreed with your assessment and held off. If he were to return to form his value would’ve been higher. Hopefully he can return close to his old self at some point and I can make that deal in the future. It’s interesting since it’s a shallower 10 team league and he owns Coleman and I own Sony.
  11. Wish I did, I was going to wait to see how this week went.
  12. Hate to sell low on the guy but considering offers in standard of James White and the like. What do people think is acceptable value in a trade?
  13. I just have a feeling Keke is going to explode but I may want to rethink that move haha
  14. It’s early to fully gauge his ROS value but to me he looked like a poor mans Tyreek Hill. The upside in intriguing. What caliber receivers would you drop for him?