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  1. Whats a fair evaluation for DJ? Im trying to acquire him in my league, current owner is asking for Garcon, and if DJ plays more than 3 games I have to give auction draft cash as well... Seems like a pretty steep asking price. How much would you give up for him?
  2. Im rolling him out there this week. Dont feel great about it but I think the targets will be there and the Jets will be losing most weeks so positive game scripts to keep them feeding ASJ
  3. I think Im going to try and buy low right now. I don't love the situation or how Reed has been trending so far this year but the waiver wire TE's or really all TE's not named Gronk, Kelce, Ertz & Walker have been abysmal to this point. There's some hope(even if its small) that Reed gets healthy by week 7 or 8 and can give you 5-6 great games for the playoff run.
  4. Head coach saying Murray is still the guy has me worried. Sure if Murray misses some games and Henry goes nuts I agree it will be Henrys backfield. But if Murray is always just banged up and they both get 12-14 carries a week is what worries me.
  5. I don't know what to make of this situation.. Kinda feels like a headache all year unless Murray goes IR. If you have Murray and Henry what type of value would you pull the trigger on?
  6. Would you prefer Cooper and Thomas for Brown or trade Cooper and say Diggs or Cobb for Green?
  7. Give me Gills but like others have said its a close margin. Just too many guaranteed TD's for gills
  8. Play JJ Nelsen next week whatever you do! Id lean Kupp but don't love any of the other options
  9. I would take the trade if he will go for Thomas instead of Evans. If not Im staying pat.
  10. Ya for me it really depends what you could get him for? If the owner is panicking and trying to sell $.50 on the dollar I would buy. IF he's asking full price Im probably not in on that
  11. I just don't know guys... I like Thomas and Cooper but love Brown. Could also maybe trade 1 of them and another bench WR for a guy like AJ Green instead... but then its which 1 do I trade away? So many questions... thats why we love and hate fantasy right?
  12. This feels like a great buy low time for Green. I think there's a real chance that Ravens and Texans are 2 of the best defenses in league and Green still was average. With new OC and the team fired up heading into easier matchups I think Green is ready to bust a move.
  13. Dont you dare trade Hunt! Your team is loaded, don't mess with a good thing
  14. McCoy all the way. Way more scarce of a position to get a below at
  15. Hold onto freeman for me. Dont want any part of bills this year.