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  1. 10 team h2h drafting 10pm est. Open league join and pay through leaguesafe. https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=53796007
  2. Looking for a draft this weekend. Must be a 1st year money league and on espn. 12 team preferred, but I'd be willing to go 10 team.
  3. H2h 6x6 10 team auction keeper with 4 keepers. Every year that you keep a player, that player goes up $10 to keep them. So a player drafted for $10 is now $20 to keep them. The draft will be today, Sunday March 15th @ 1pm Central time. $50 entry fee $2.50 of every entry will go into a pot. To win the pot you must have the best record and win the league. If the pot isn't won, it rolls over to the following year. $250 for 1st place $125 for 2nd place $50 for each division winner $25 pot only won if you have the best record and win the league
  4. After you join, just copy the leaguesafe link that is on the league page and pay.
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