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  1. H2h 6x6 10 team auction keeper with 4 keepers. Every year that you keep a player, that player goes up $10 to keep them. So a player drafted for $10 is now $20 to keep them. The draft will be today, Sunday March 15th @ 1pm Central time. $50 entry fee $2.50 of every entry will go into a pot. To win the pot you must have the best record and win the league. If the pot isn't won, it rolls over to the following year. $250 for 1st place $125 for 2nd place $50 for each division winner $25 pot only won if you have the best record and win the league Leaguesafe for payments Justin and I have been running fantasy leagues for over 15 years now and we are very fair and honest. This will be a super fun and competitive league. If you are an active owner, feel free to leave your email or just join with the link below League Settings join now link Leaguesafe link please pay right after joining, thanks.
  2. After you join, just copy the leaguesafe link that is on the league page and pay.
  3. 2 people still haven't paid if you're looking to draft tomorrow. If you're interested, leave your email and I'll invite you. You must pay within 1 hour of joining
  4. Great, just use the join now link. We are only waiting for 2 people to pay