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  1. Who do I keep from the following? Of note, we are able to keep the same player for 3 straight years. I kept Vlad last year, so I would have this year and next if I keep him. The rest of the players I would have this year and the next two. Vlad - Round 23 Devers - Round 12 Moncada - Round 14 Glasnow - Round 18
  2. Hit heavy by the bye week and pretty slim pickings. Who am I putting in flex? Standard scoring. walton, rb, v Buffalo slayton, wr, v arizona crowder, wr, v NE Goodwin, wr, v washington pettis, wr, v Washington darrell Henderson, rb v Falcons (I will also be starting Gurley) devante Parker, wr, v Buffalo preston williams, wr, v buffalo Leave a link!
  3. Thanks for mine Solid team now, even better in two years when Miller, AJB, JJAW, and Parris hopefully flourish. Keep in mind for dynasty that it usually takes WR 2-3 years to break out, but they tend to have a longer shelf life than RB’s. 8 team leagues are all about studs and you’ve got a few of them. You’ll be fine. The 2020 rookie draft is projecting to be deep and talented at RB and WR. Start stockpiling as many 1st as you can. Hopefully Cohen has a few hot games and you can offload him for a 2nd. Coleman can maybe get you a late first if there’s a perfect storm of him playing well and a contender needing an RB. good luck! Dynasty rocks and makes it hard to go back to redraft
  4. agree with everyone else. Take on QB early and then fill in your other spots before going back to an upside QB later.
  5. 12 team, standard. Two keeper league so I kept Gurley (round 8.) and Conner (round 14) QB: Rivers RB: Gurley, Conner WR: Thielen, TY, Mike Williams Flex: Chubb TE: Njoku K: Badgley Def: Indy Bench: Guice, Darwin, DJ Moore, Josh Gordon Leave a Link
  6. 12 man, 2 keeper league, Standard Scoring. I am currently keeping Gurley (round 8.) and Conner (round 14). I have first overall pick and would like to take an RB to slot in my flex spot. I am considering WR here, but it's standard scoring so I know the rest of the top RBs will be gone before my 2nd pick. If I went RB at #1, I would probably take two WR at the 2/3 turn. Top available RBs are Mixon, Chubb, and MG III. Top available WR are AB, Julio, OBJ, Evans, Michael Thomas. So, the question is, who do I take at #1? My gut is telling me to take Chubb, especially in that offense, but Hunt lurking in the background is a little scary and pushes me to Mixon. Thoughts? Leave a link
  7. 3rd would be in my flex spot, sorry. Was targeting 3 RBs due to the fact that it's standard scoring and not PPR.
  8. Landed #1 pick in one of my leagues. 12 team, standard scoring, with two keepers. I am keeping Gurley (round 8.) and Conner (round 14). Looking for help at #1. As of now, CMC isn't yet kept. If he for some reason not kept, I'll take him #1. In assuming he is kept, where do I go next? Prefer to go RB since it's standard and top RB's will surely be gone by the time my 2nd and 3rd picks come up. Top players available for #1: RB: MG III; Mixon; Bell; David Johnson; Chubb WR: Michael Thomas, Evans, Julio, AB QB: Luck; Rodgers I will take CMC if he's there. If not, I like DJ and Chubb the most assuming MG III keeps holding out. Any thoughts from the group out there? Leave a link