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  1. Filling very soon, but looking for new competition so if you're interested please reply!
  2. It's a free league, just looking for someone who's going to be competitive!
  3. everyone, Currently trying to fill the last spot for an ESPN Dynasty league going on it's 3rd year! Super active/fun/competitive group to play with, and looking for the final member so we can resume the rookie draft! Only reason this team is open is because one of our members had to bow out for personal reasons, but the team is very solid. It's a 10team, standard 5x5 H2h Cat league Full dynasty carryover of the 40 active + a 5 man taxi squad (we'll be expanding to 8 during this rookie draft) on a separate doc that I keep track of so everyone can view trades/previous drafts/taxi squad/etc. This team won in our first season and would've been a playoff team again had it been consistently checked. Looking for some who's active and excited for the season!
  4. ^ this teams still available if anyone is interested
  5. I have one, it's a 5x5 standard H2h cat league. In year 3, teams pretty solid. I'll send you a message