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  1. Because thighs and biceps are what a QB needs to succeed... Minshew looks ripped, but he has to show that he can handle the position consistently from the mental side of things.
  2. A team will eventually cave and pay Freeman. Seahawks are going to cave and pay some veteran RB to handle a good amount of the load. They aren't going to rely on re-signing Lynch.
  3. Going to be Foles starting this season.
  4. HC's aren't brought in for their play-calling savvy though. They are brought in for everything they bring to the table. Learning under Reid (one of the great offensive minds) is a big plus. Pederson won a SB and so did Reid in the last few years. Nagy's offensive is handcuffed by Trubisky far more than the play-calling imo.
  5. I can't believe someone said it is a "flu level virus". That is so irresponsible. And the kind of attitude that leads to many more cases and deaths. Granted, I'm not fully up-to-date on the news as it is rough to continually watch it, but we are dealing with a highly contagious virus that has no cure, no vaccine, no reliable treatment, and no immunity. It can hit most people like the common flu does, but there are so many unknowns because it is not a vaccinated virus and spreads so easily. Better to be safe and adhere to the public health guidelines than risk anything. For both you and your own family, and others. I have family in FL and lived there the last 10 years. They opened beaches early and had to close them almost immediately because people were not taking the guidelines seriously. That is exactly the problem with re-opening if people aren't going to adhere to public health guidelines.
  6. Rookie RB's tend to be very productive. It is the easiest position to translate in the NFL and the fastest to fantasy success.
  7. Of course there are other worries. What do you even stand to gain from putting yourself at risk to watch a game live? Playoffs or SB? Sure, I can understand the sentiment there. Those are a long way out though.
  8. I'm not sure about fans in the stands come the fall. I know I sure as hell wouldn't want to go to a game. The biggest fear is other people being idiots and not adhering to the guidelines to protect each other from the spread of the virus.
  9. Vaughn was at least drafted by Arians. Ronald Jones was inherited by the Arians regime, so he has no loyalty to Jones.
  10. Everything we have heard is that Brady isn't bringing his offense to Tampa, like Peyton did in Denver. All the reports have been Brady learning Arians' offense and catering a bit to Brady. They will still be a pass-heavy offense. And Ronald Jones likely won't see the field as their receiving back.
  11. Bucs RB's have been just about the worst backfield to have shares in for the last 10 years outside of two seasons of Doug Martin.
  12. Which is still nothing close to as bad as Trubisky or Bortles.