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  1. This is how I feel. But it could also depend on who else will be up for the HoF or has been waiting when it is time for Eli to have a chance.
  2. Teams copy winners and playoff/SB teams to an extent. But when teams draft great players they tend to keep them around. We don't see many teams trying to replicate the NE formula in player development and roster building. Or maybe they do and just aren't successful. Wrinkles will always trickle down to the rest of the league though.
  3. Hall of Fame is not called the "Hall of Elite" or "Hall of Best Stats".
  4. This is always a really poor argument when a small percentage of teams make the playoffs, deep playoff runs, or the SB every season. Not every team is structured the same way.
  5. Eli will be in the HoFame. no doubt in my mind. The Warner comp is a good one. Since Warner had a shorter career and ultimately made it in due to his amazing story. Hall of fame isn't always stats, but about the fame and the story behind a great player. And Nick Foles is not garbage. lol. He isn't an all-time great, but in a good system with weapons around him he can put up some good numbers. Lets not forget Foles tied the NFL record with 7 pass TD in a game.
  6. Apparently it was Kraft that boned Parcells and not the other way around. Kraft wanted Belichick to be the HC after getting to know him on Parcell's staff, but there was a lot of shenanigans that had to go on in order to make that happen.
  7. I expect Breida to be brought back. The McKinnon dead money doesn't look great, but they need to move on from him. Coleman is as good as gone. Those two and a draft pick or FA pickup would cover them just fine. Breida and Mostert aren't going to cost a lot combined.
  8. He already played in the NFL. Name was Harold Carmichael.
  9. I assume the Titans aren't cap strapped. Henry will be a Titan next season.
  10. I did the same but in redraft. I can't remember if I picked him up in dynasty. I remember looking at him I think. By the time he took off it was too late. He was such a tease the 1st half of the season.
  11. Henry put that team on his back and did everything he could to win that game. Wasn't enough against a team that can score at will though. And Tannehill had his struggles.
  12. You think Rodgers' commercials are funny? Oh... honey...