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  1. He didn’t see the underneath defender. Oh well. It was a bad decision.
  2. The Tunsil deal was a result of them trading away Duane Brown for peanuts. They could have kept Duane Brown and paid him far less than Tunsil and given up no compensation and had an equal level of play on the field from your franchise tackle. Seattle has essentially the same level of play at tackle on a much cheaper deal.
  3. Minus the injury, people wrote similar things about Rosen after his rookie year. Sometimes players don't have it. It doesn't hurt a team to draft another QB high on a rookie contract if they can afford to. Like the Cards did with Murray. Too many teams marry themselves to their original highly drafted QB pick. Trading for Watson and paying him is a different story, but if it doesn't work out you can always have Tua around on his rookie contract. Tua will be cheap the next 3 seasons, and there is the 5th year option. There are so many examples of teams that pass on great QB talent bec
  4. He got so much run because he was supremely talented and efficient when given the opportunity. Those other Jag RB's were non-factors regardless of their health. Robinson was smooth catching the ball and a good pass protector. Speed at the RB position is overrated. Robison had the lateral agility and moves to make defenders miss in the hole and in space.
  5. Nothing is guaranteed, but Robinson is a talented RB that can fit into any scheme. And he is also on a cheap UDFA contract, meaning the team doesn't have to pay a premium at RB for a few years at the very least. It would be silly for the team to invest significant money into the position when they have a cheap rookie on an UDFA contract.
  6. Not really that local narrative being told. And the reports are that Wentz and Pederson were fine and Pederson wanted to continue starting Wentz through the bad times.
  7. https://apnews.com/article/nfl-football-philadelphia-philadelphia-eagles-doug-pederson-70ac383d4d4e28f2c45409cd53e467b8 Hurts was a Roseman/Lurie pick - the ego of turning the Eagles into a QB factory. Which is a dumb stance to take in the first place. Who wastes premium picks on a QB that won't play only to hopefully turn it into a better pick a few years down the road? The Patriots have had some mild success with late round QB's and Jimmy G, but Hurts was a 2nd rounder. Jimmy G was an heir apparent though. Eagles flipped Bradford for a good pick and also Foles. But Roseman is on an ego
  8. Pederson was in the Wentz camp. Ownership (Lurie) and the front office (Roseman) were in the Hurts camp. Pederson caved and was starting Hurts because of the pressure from up top. Lurie was getting more hands-on and forcing Pederson to play Hurts. Benching Hurts was just Pederson giving the finger to upper management. At least that is what I heard over a month ago when this was all going down to start Hurts. Apparently Wentz is a pain in the a** to work with though. There is a good chance Wentz gets traded. I don't think Lurie and Roseman want to keep him.
  9. The situation hasn't been helped with Roseman floundering away at GM and talent evaluation and Lurie getting more hands-on aka Jerry Jones approach. Pederson and Wentz both need to go somewhere else.
  10. At this point there is no way Brady can't be declared the best QB ever above Montana and Manning. Never seen anything like it. And his longevity is amazing.
  11. Henry has been heavily utilized the last couple seasons, but he also wasn't heavily utilized his first few (to the detriment of the Titans). And Henry wasn't used heavily in college until his 3rd season. So the wear and tear for Henry is a lot lower compared to many other RB's at his age. And he is also unique with his size in that he doesn't take as many hits. He is actually delivering the hits. Henry is truly a fun and unique RB to watch. Curious to see how his entire career plays out. I think he has a number of more great seasons.
  12. They haven't fallen far. They are overrated every season and always touted as having lots of talent, but never realizing their true potential. But they are the Cowboys, so they will be hyped up again next season like they are every season.
  13. They forced him the ball because their entire offense runs on his back and through him. They need him to break big runs to sustain success.
  14. It is an easy choice even with options, because unless you have a bunch of top-5 backs he is your best option.
  15. Coaching shouldn't have sat him when he could have broken the single game rushing record. For shame!
  16. That article seems a bit biased. I would think Eric Dickerson had the greatest rookie RB season of all time, but he was down the list a bit.
  17. Hasn't Robinson also had one of the greatest rookie seasons ever for a RB? He has already blown away any rookie season by an undrafted RB.
  18. Managers knowingly made moves and took on the risk knowing he may not continue to be TE-eligible. They didn't pick up Taysom thinking he would be a reliable TE, but rather put up starting QB points at the TE position. Those managers knew the risk and should absorb it.
  19. What is the love affair with Ozigbo? He isn't a star and isn't any good.
  20. I have no stakes in this, but I think he will be the starting QB. The reason he isn't usually the backup during game weeks is because they give him snaps all over the offense in preparation for games. And they have the luxury of carrying 3 QB's and can rely on Winston if either Brees or Hill gets hurt during a game. But now with Brees out they have to rely on Hill. They can't use Hill in the same role with Winston starting with their only other backup being Siemian who they just signed. So, I see them rolling out Hill as the starting QB and backing him up with Winston in the role Winston
  21. I've seen it happen numerous times for defensive players in IDP leagues. Hoping for that safety to continue playing with CB eligibility. They changed the starting Panthers safety to only safety this season (Jeremy Chinn). It happened to a few NO and Giants DB's as well. It has probably been a while since it happened to an offensive player, but ESPN does do it.
  22. Because of his slow start to the season with injuries.
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