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  1. Agree really good return Robert and Alonso in dynasty.
  2. Its my last year with Degrom. So the full deal now is Bieber Luzardo and Robles for Degrom and Meadows. I think I have to take that deal to keep another ace with Gerrit Cole. We keep 8 majors 10 minors. Luzardo and Robles will be minor league keepers. Thoughts on that deal? My major league keepers would be Trout Acuña Lindor Devers Vlad jr Albies Cole and Bieber
  3. I’d probably go JoRam Torres Olson Giolito Nola
  4. I think that’s a good deal if you need the lineup help. I agree with your worried about Yates. Thanks for the help!
  5. Keeper league Meadows for Luzardo and Robles? Roto 6x6 league.
  6. So I rejected the offer. He has countered with Degrom and Meadows from minors for Bieber and Luzardo from his minors?
  7. No Trout is a superstar and the best player in the game so why even go there. Albies is 23 and already made an all star game and won silver slugger at his position. Albies is proven maybe not a star yet but a lot closer then any prospect who hasn’t played a major league inning yet.
  8. I’d take that deal easily. Your getting a proven star for unproven players. As good as a prospect may be they still are unknown. Some don’t ever reach their potential and some do but take a lot longer then expected. I’d take the sure thing. Albies is really young plays a position that’s not very deep. He has shown what he can do and likely still will get better.
  9. If that’s the case I’d take that deal. As much as I like Cole and like to have balance with hitting and pitching. Your getting 2 top 15 players in the deal.
  10. I think it’s a good deal. You are getting two really good players. But how many utility spots or infield spots do you have? Would you be able to play all of joRam Devers Moncada Turner and Correa?
  11. Once we trade for a player years reset. So I would be able to keep Bieber for 3 years. He would also be able to keep Degrom for 3. Honestly giving up Maeda doesn’t bother me. It’s more of the drop off from Meadows to Robles. I just acquired Meadows in a deal to basically have him as an extra keeper since he’s still in the minors.
  12. Roto 6x6 qs/obp Keeper league. Keep 8 players on your majors roster. 10 players from your minors. Can keep players for 3 years once you bring them up to majors. Im on my final year of Degrom. Been going back and forth with the Bieber owner he’s finally coming down a little on his asking price still a may be a little high. Need other opinions on this deal. trade- Degrom Maeda plus Meadows and Patino who are both in my minors. receive- Bieber plus Robles and Mejia from his minors my keepers would be 1b Vlad jr 2b Albies SS Lindor 3b Devers of Trout of Acuña Sp Cole Sp Bieber or someone else in a different deal. robles and Mejia would be kept in my minors