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  1. Finally was able to get a deal done. Gave Betts Rendon Morton. Had 1 more year for both Betts and Rendon and Morton wasn’t making my keepers. Got back Trout and Kris Bryant.
  2. He’s willing to do Trout for Betts and Rendon but that would weaken my 8th keeper big time.
  3. I definitely agree with you on the steals. But also slugging and obp are 2 of the 6 categories and Trout is elite in pretty much everything except steals now.
  4. He wants Vlad because of the minor league keeper advantage. He would make that deal. It’s a 3 for 2
  5. He wants Vlad because of the minor league advantage.
  6. The Trout owner now is asking for Betts and Vlad since I wouldn’t trade Bregman. Vlad is in the minors so wouldn’t count as one of the 8 keepers so he’s technically an extra keeper. I can keep Betts 1 more time so would have him next year. Vlad I could have 3 years starting next year. Trout I would have for 2 years after this year. He also has Cole and has to trade him. I could do Betts Vlad Sale for Trout and Cole? Should I make any of these two deals? keepers would be Trout Lindor (traded Bregman) Baez Rendon J.D Gary Degrom Cole Acuña (would call up next year)
  7. Rounds don’t matter. It’s 6x6 roto 8 keepers no round penalty. My current keepers would be. Betts Lindor Baez Jd Rendon Gary Degrom so trying to choose between Berrios Sale and Bauer as my 8th keeper.
  8. Now you bring another interesting name Verlander. He’s a lot older but still doesn’t look like he’s falling. If I could land Verlander as a keeper would he be above the other 3 for next year. Or is he old where the risk for next year would be greater then Berrios Sale Bauer?
  9. 6x6 qs ranking these pitchers for next year as keepers. Sale Berrios Bauer??
  10. Makes sense. But I guess if that’s what it would take I’m better off just staying with hat I have.
  11. Yea I see it from both sides. They are all pretty close and anything can happen from year to year. I’m just trying to find a way to have the best keepers possible. What if I try to find a way to keep Betts and Acuña and still land Yelich and Lindor. Do you guys think an offer of JD Bregman Berrios and Vlad who’s still in the minors be an acceptable offer. Keeping in mind he doesn’t have many solid keepers and is looking for some pitching. I still don’t think he would take it. But if he did my keepers would then be. Betts Yelich Acuña Lindor Baez Rendon Gary Degrom Sale I could always try Bregman Sale Berrios and Vlad first but doubt that one would even be considered.
  12. So you like Betts a lot more then Acuña even if you end up losing a keeper. The reason I lean towards Acuña over Betts is because I would still be able to keep 8 other guys. Also Betts hasn’t ran much this year. I offered Betts Bregman Bauer and 2 minor leaguers earlier in the year and got declined. I do agree that Betts/Bregman for Yelich/Lindor is close but again the main reason would be for the stolen bases since my team has struggled in that department this year.
  13. He has the following guys that have to be moved. Trout Arenado Bryant Scherzer Cole I told him to throw another player in the deal. He said he would consider throwing in Bryant if he got Acuña as one of the 2 players. I have been thinking of just not dealing with him and maybe going after Yelich and Lindor from another team instead. This year what has killed me has been stolen bases. Wondering What it would take to get a deal done for those 2? His keepers other then those 2 are pretty weak and he’s been looking for pitching. My best players are the 10 players I posted earlier and Berrios who I would not be keeping right now. I’m sure the Trout owner is trying to make a deal for those two also. I’m thinking of making an offer starting with Betts Bregman and Sale for Yelich and Lindor but not sure he would take it. What would be the best offer keeping in mind that Acuña and Vlad hold a little extra value since they are still in the minors. I would like to not have to deal Acuña.
  14. Yes once you trade a player keeper years reset. I would be able to have Trout for 2 years after this year. I have 1 more year with Betts before I have to move him. 2 more years of Bregman. 3 years with Acuña since next year would not count as a major league keeper year.
  15. Roto 6x6 obp - 6x6 qs 12 team keeper league can keep 8 major league players for 2 years. Also keep 10 minor league players. Players are considered minor leaguers even if they are up in the majors as long as you have not called them up to your majors roster. Once the players have reached 1000 abs your forced to bring them up the next year. Keeper years don’t count against a player until you bring them up to your majors roster. My major league keepers right now would be Betts Bregman Baez J.D Rendon G. Sanchez Degrom Sale Also have Acuña and Vlad jr in my minors. Acuña will have to be called up but Vlad can stay in the minors until I decide to bring him up. I’m currently in second place and probably won’t be able to catch up. This trade is more about next year. Theres one team better then mine right now. The team is loaded top to bottom but with a lot of expiring guys he has to deal.Trout has to be traded at the end of the year. He’s asking for 2 of Betts Bregman Acuña.Should I make that deal for Trout or is the price a little high. He really wants Acuña since he won’t count against his 8 major league keepers. But I have held from calling him up all year for the advantage it will be to keep my top 8 and then add him next year. So Acuña is the one guy I find hard to deal. Should I make the deal for Trout and if so which 2 of the 3?
  16. 12 team .5 ppr Trade Boyd Ingram and Hooper for Ertz and Watkins? Would lose the depth but upgrade my biggest need? my team qb Mahomes rbs Kamara,Cook,Chubb,Ingram,Thompson,R.Freeman. wrs K.Allen,T.Hill,Boyd,Sutton te Hooper
  17. What if I counter with Boyd and Ingram for Ertz?
  18. I like the roster looks pretty balanced. No major moves to make there. Set at qb wr rb and te. thanks for mine!
  19. 12 team .5ppr Was offered to get Carson,Watkins,Ertz for Chubb,Boyd,Hooper. I’m looking to upgrade at te and this is the offer I just recieved hurts my flex and depth but big upgrade at TE. I’m currently 7-2 in first place. WHIR! my team qb Mahomes rbs Kamara,Cook,Chubb,Ingram,Thompson,R.Freeman. wrs K.Allen,T.Hill,Boyd,Sutton te Hooper
  20. 12 team .5 ppr trade K.Allen,Boyd,Chubb for Beckham and L.Murray? With Murray I would be thin at Rb but would have the handcuff to Cook and have Kamara and Ingram who I could start both. But I also know this deal would kill my depth but give me solid starters. my team qb Mahomes Rbs Kamara,Ingram,Chubb,Cook,Thompson, R.Freeman. wr T.Hill,K.Allen,Boyd,Sutton