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  1. Norman Powell was just dropped. Should I drop Damion Lee, Elfrid Payton, or Jaxson Hayes for him? 10 team H2H most cats (standard 8 + double doubles).
  2. Still hard for me to buy into this guy long-term unless Beal, Bryant, Bertans, Rui, and Wagner miss a lot more time
  3. When does Lee's 45 days expire? the reddit tweet above implies Jan 10, but the nbcsports article says that it could be Jan 20. Need to know if I'm safe to start in a weekly league.
  4. 8% from the field, 90% from the FT line
  5. I think he takes a hit with Dragic back. Mid-20s minutes is probably more realistic.
  6. Glad he's back. I've missed the 2-11 from the floor.
  7. Gale warning issued for NYC area through 7pm tonight. Think I'm going to sub in Kupp for Parker.
  8. It would take some guts based on his season so far, but is Vance a must start vs. AZ?
  9. Not really. Picked up the 2nd with 5:56 left in the half.
  10. You guys talking like they're just going to throw him in a game without any practice or shooting before.
  11. I’m sure he’ll get it going, but I just don’t have the patience with the kiddie gloves they’re using with him. Going to have to see what I can get in a trade.