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  1. AJ has been more of a TD machine in his career than Kupp: AJ Career - 19 games (13 starts) / 11 TDs Kupp Career - 45 games (33 starts) / 23 TDs
  2. I’m in a 12 team league, 0.5PPR. I’m an Ingram owner and have been offered Dobbins for Chark. Should I make the trade to lock up the Ravens backfield or is it a situation to avoid? My team is below. QB: Newton RB: CEH, Drake WR: Thielen, Chark, Marvin Jones TE: Waller Flex: Ingram Bench: Mayfield, Emmanuel Sanders, Hines, Golden Tate, Ebron, Edmonds
  3. Vic Beasley didn't play last week and has never played a game for the Titans for that matter. Has barely even practiced with the team since they signed him.
  4. If the Titans are winning, yes. Who else are the they going to give the volume to? Darrynton Evans? Jeremy McNichols?
  5. I wouldn't look into last year's game. Mariota was the starter and benched in the 2nd half. The game was also in the first half of the season before Brown became a focal point of the offense.
  6. What’s the argument for the NFL not deciding 3-4 days ago to relocate to AZ? Seems like an easily avoidable risk.
  7. Curious, who are you assuming goes #4?
  8. Points are points no matter when they come
  9. What if I'm a WR and get targeted 10 times in a game, but my QB sucks and overthrows me by 10 yards each time? I get minus 10 points?!? Brutal.
  10. Yeah, only 5 yds per carry and 15 TDs for Ingram last year. Put a fork in him.
  11. Isn't Sanders hurt too with an even more unknown injury?
  12. I’m in a 10 team league standard scoring (no ppr). I can keep Godwin as a 4th round pick or Ekeler as a 6th. I’m leaning Ekeler, but interested in what others think. Who would you go with?