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  1. Although Im high on Adams and prefer him to Hill. What you have in CMC is a much higher floor & ceiling than Collins. Rivera said it himself there gonna feed CMC & Norv is infamous with rb usage. CMC is like having a good rb and a good wr blended into 1 player Adams - 2nd Round value Collins - 4th Round value CMC - 1st Round value Tyreek - 2nd Round Value
  2. Smoky Brown John Ross, Golladay, Miller Godwin Sutton Amendola Brown in my opinion has the most upside, with Ross trailing by a bit Golladay did well as a rookie but theres plenty of mouths to feed in DET Reported Miller had a really good camp and has wowed a ton of bear fans Godwin has potential, but without Jameis for a while its hard to see fitz sharing the rock with everyone Sutton in my opinion has a ton of upside as a rookie wr but dont like his situation at least not this year unless he outplays Sanders Amendola will probably give a decent floor, not much of a ceiling though
  3. Thats tough. On one hand you have Jimmy going against a premier defense. On the other hand you have Flacco on the roster. BUF is no pedestrian defense especially going into year 2, that secondary has promise. I think I would go Tannehill vs TEN or gut it out with Jimmy. Flacco doesnt offer any upside http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/715732-12-team-ppr-whir-1-keeper-for-next-year/?tab=comments#comment-8021739
  4. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/715732-12-team-ppr-whir-1-keeper-for-next-year/?tab=comments#comment-8021739
  5. agreed with many. Fournette in my opinion will deal with a lot of 8 man boxes much like gurley did in year 2. Leveon is much more dynamic Breida is taking starting snaps in SF
  6. I think you should just stay pat. your team is strong enough that you wont need to make a trade Julio will be your wr1 I think collins will produce at rb2 I like your revolving door of chris thompson (check down king alex smith) Kerryon has so much upside and Marlon Mack is projected to start. CMC is nice, but Evans without Winston for 4 games is a concern
  7. Had pick 4, 12 team Snake 1.25 PPR with 1 designated keeper next year QB: Carson Wentz - 7 RB: Ezekiel Elliott -1 RB: Jay Ajayi - 4 WR: Keenan Allen -2 WR: AJ Green - 3 TE: Evan Engram -6 WR: Brandin Cooks -5 D/ST: Houston Texans - 13 K: Adam Vinateri - 15 Ben Roethlisberger - 11 Kerryon Johnson - 8 Matt Breida - 9 Cameron Meredith - 12 Legarrette Blount - 16 Tyler Eifert - 14 Sterling Shepard - 10 Ajayi is about the only player am not too high on
  8. Cam is much better than Snead/ Ginn and all the other cast of NO WRs. I think he plays similar to Colston
  9. 9/10 maybe 9.5 not much not to like. a lot of upside... a lot of upside floor players have a lot of upside as well Id take your team any day, good job!
  10. Like it a lot 8.5/10 Brees is Brees, despite the low output last year, I think he has a better year because of the growing chemistry with MT, and he has a few new weapons in Meredith & TreQuan Smith. Meredith plays a lot like Colston. I think your flex position will be fun to play with. Crabtree will be solid, but I think John Brown might be the deep sleeper on that team based on Flaccos ability ( good at 2 things, check downs and deep balls)
  11. Agree with the previous post. When wentz is healthy youll have a top qb1. starting wrs are solid but there'll be some off weeks. rb1/te are top rb2 is the revolving door here Your team is riding on rb2 position, you need one of them to claim their backfields. A lot of people riding on Hogan, but I dont think his upside is as high as Edelman. That 1 playoff game against Pit was a pedestrian secondary Latavius & Ekeler have sleeper potential but I think you could have added some better depth 7.5/10
  12. Honestly didnt see any qb worth taking over either at that point. Ingram was a 7th round pick which I know will have a good return once hes back and edelman was an 11th round pick. some names available instead of ingram- dalton,trubisky,manning, mariota. This draft went qb heavy very early talking top 30 picks were guys youd usually find in the 7th or 8th round thanks guys responding to all yours now
  13. QB: Derek Carr QB: Sam Bradford RB: Saquon Barkley RB: Royce Freeman WR: Michael Thomas WR: Doug Baldwin TE: Rob Gronkowski Flex: Alshon Jeffery D/ST:Saints K: Robbie Gould Bench Carlos Hyde Adrian Peterson Delanie Walker Julian Edelman Mark Ingram Mike Williams John Brown I like the upside of Derek Carr, but will need to upgrade QB2 at some point. A lot of QBs went very early in this draft, which allowed me to grab guys like Gronk in the 3rd, Baldwin in the 4th, Jeffery really late. let me know what you guys think WHIR