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  1. Obviously a straight up trade for players of same position is irrational. But if you need an rb and other team needs a wr then its achievable.
  2. Down by 3, I have Kelce and he has Tucker. Normally you would say this is over, but Tucker could go off for 20, especially with the kicker trend this week.
  3. All of you who are screaming "drop" I hope are in 10 team leagues. Who would you pick up in a 12 team or more leagues? And if he is your worst player on the bench, you must be ballin!
  4. People are excited that he will get more opportunity now since Chalk is out. But Chalk had a total of 7 targets over a 2 game span. Is the assumption that Jags will run a quicker offence with this kid?
  5. Shenault will be dressed fresh for his coming out party. Jags will roll out their all teal uni's for the first time.
  6. By that logic we should not count committed fumbles by rbs and wrs or interceptions thrown by qbs. Just count the positive yards and tds? The only job of a DST is to stop the opposing team. If they cant do that, it should be negative.
  7. any word on him? Would think we get some news by now.
  8. I am hoping his lack of burst is more due to lack of motivation or confidence playing with Baker/Browns and not a physical limitation. If this trade thing is true it might work out for the better.
  9. Good read. Seems like a good humble kid. I will be rooting for him.
  10. You know predictions never happen. So now its either 24yds and 0-1 scores or 128 yds and 3tds
  11. I see. Different discussion but Flex should be wr/rb. Even just one TE position is tough enough. But I dont think Edwards or Kirk are desperation plays. Both are pretty capable for a flex.
  12. If you play in a 12 team or less, how do you have a "desperation play" before the season even starts? Even if 1 of your starters is out. If at this point you dont have anyone on the bench who you could confidently plug in, then you drafted horribly and dont deserve to win.
  13. I have him and not impressed. All runs had a wide open hole. But I see him as a bruiser.
  14. Awefuly quiet here considering he is a full participant and Jeffrey is out.