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  1. Yeah, instead Im rolling with Gronk who is playing in Bora Bora.
  2. Renfrow has been ruled out for week 15
  3. I dont like the points for pass interference yardage. Those calls are controversial as is even with replays. Will cause ruckus within your league.
  4. Williams is not a rookie. I think this has been discussed in previous posts. But he is in a perfect situation to succeed. Assuming he all of a sudden earned 40% of carries is a bold statement. But its a possibility.
  5. Thats a very confident statement, considering its nothing more than an assumption.
  6. Couldnt find a thread for him. Worth a pickup? I didnt see the game. But Mack went down and JW's stat line looks good. Any insight on him?
  7. I dropped him and I feel a lot better not having to deal with the guessing game. We are 3 games away from the playoffs. If at this point you are not confident in him as a starter then he is just wasting your spot on the roster.
  8. Ballage is a pro athlete. Pro athletes feed and thrive on criticizm. He will read this Roto forum. An RB2 moving forward!
  9. Sorry i quoted the wrong post. Was intended for whoever said Miami makes sense.
  10. He is not going to a team to catch bombs. He is going in order to win.
  11. Didnt Mayfield just put up 14.6 against NE? Not a much better result but still if Lamar puts up in low 20s it will be alright.