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  1. I would go Buffalo this week. I feel every other game will be fairly high scoring
  2. I can’t decide on my rb2 this week. First round of playoffs. Very bad situation for my Running backs but who should I go with ppr?
  3. Going into playoffs. My rb 2 is absolute terrible. I ended up most points in league but my situation isn’t the best. Rb1: cook RB2 options: Coleman,Mostert,McCoy,Howard,l Murray or do I pickup Darwin Thompson ppr league whir when when I get off work
  4. I’m in agreement with post above . I would pick up Parker for sure
  5. Darnold for me
  6. NEED TO MAKE THIS OFFICAL IN NEXT 20 mins ! Please help 😂
  7. I know I just made a topic with Carson instead of Gurley but the owner proposed Gurley instead and I need to know ASAP! It’s a ppr league and my roster is below Thabkyou WHIR QB:Rodgers RB: Cook,Coleman,Hyde,Murray,McCoy,Howard WR:Adams,Edelman ,A Rob,Golloday, TE:Hollister,Fant
  8. What if It changes to Gurley/Landry?
  9. would you rather have Chris Carson/Landry or T Coleman /Golloday? In a ppr league. Simply which duo .Whir
  10. Rodgers has his buy. I currently have Mayfield locked in. Or should I pick up Darnold? mayfield vs Pit darnold vs WSH whir