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  1. There are a lot of unknowns here. How will JuJu do with out Big Ben, Did TJ just have a bad game or will he be a dud this year. I'd probably still do it but if Juju suffers and TJ picks it back up you might regret it. Kupp being Goff's go to is not going to change. That's the only thing in this trade that is pretty much guaranteed outside of injury.
  2. QB: Watson RB: Mixon RB: Mack WR: Adams WR: Cooks TE: Engram Flex: Samuel or Fuller AJ Green siting on the bench. My RB depth is mostly backups (J Samuels/Mattison/Ito)
  3. 1/2 ppr. I have been offered R Freeman and A Peterson for my Mixon. I have also been offered R Freeman/A Peterson/S Diggs for Mixon/AJ Green. Would you take either? I'm currently 0-2. Team is decent just hitting some bad luck.
  4. Awesome. Lets do this. Commish can you get the draft counter going
  5. even though it says team 13 there are only 12 teams
  6. just get this man an invite and league safe info so we can do this
  7. Now if we can't get 12 then screw it and just do 10 i guess
  8. I think he has people contacting him for 12. If people just pay we can do this. He said he will when he gets all 12 in I just want to get this going. I really don't care either way at this point. I do agree it should be FAAB
  9. we should be able to get 2 more in no time if 10 are already paid and ready to go
  10. yea whats going on? are we trying to make this time or are we pushing it back?
  11. my invite never worked
  12. not sure if it put me in or not? Can I get a reinvite maybe? Also could not get the league safe link to work