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  1. Was down by 14 going into tonight with Kamara and Mack in standard. Felt pretty good. Was down by 4 and then Wilkins got that last td to kill my hopes
  2. Down 14.5 in standard and have Kamara and Mack. Feeling nervous
  3. My rb2 situation is terrible and I’ve got to pick one. This is a standard league Shady Burkhead Who do you like and why? WHIR, just leave a link. Thanks!
  4. Went 1 for 2 today but was a huge underdog in both so I’ll take it. Trubisky Fournette Ingram TY Adams Baldwin Njoku Gostkowski Bears
  5. Who wins? Cam/Baker Mixon Fournette/Connor Julio Baldwin Herndon/Jarwin Golladay/J. Kelly Bears D Watson Zeke McGuire Evans Adams Vance McDonald Lockett Pats D
  6. I survived last week with Cam but need to replace him this week. 4 pt td passes. These are my options: Darnold L. Jackson Mayfield Foles Carr Mariota Stafford I’m leaning Darnold with Jackson and Baker close behind. What is everyone’s thoughts on this? TIA
  7. I managed to survive last night with Cam but think I will be benching him for the Championship. Seems crazy to have to rely on either Darnold or Baker but I dont think I can roll Cam out again
  8. 2 standard leagues but need: 26 out of CMC and Lutz Leading by 5; Cam and Ian Thomas to score more than Ingram
  9. Standard league Baldwin @ Car or Golladay vs Chi
  10. Exactly and thanks for your take on it. Like I said, im 8-1 and playoffs are a lock pretty much. But I’ve been sitting on the #1 spot for weeks now and not sure if another opp will present itself and could use a hopefully more consistent wr2 rest of my team is: cam connor mixon julio baldwin doyle fournette butker bears kerryon golladay watkins moore graham
  11. If I had to choose I’d say #1 although standing pat wouldn’t be bad either. Thanks for mine