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  1. Whats the strategy for drafting in a league where you can flex a qb?? Do I take Jackson or Mahomes at 3 and give up a top tier QB. I'm leaning towards taking Elliot or Kamara as of now. Just want some input.
  2. 1 pt ppr. Boyd vs Mia Boone vs GB Washington vs LAC Gallup is Philly
  3. I'm just gonna go with Minnesotal. Hope for a lotta sacks and river turnovers. Too much overthinking
  4. Have both. Have Higbee in currently but tempted to flex waller over Mostert. Is that crazy?
  5. I'm debating between Minnesota and KC defense... not sure about either
  6. 1pt PPR Wr dilemma. Theilen, Boyd, or AJ Brown? Flex dilemma. Mostert, Hunt, White, or 1 from above? TE dilemma. Waller or Higbee Please help me make sense of this
  7. What are we expecting out of his today? Deciding between him or Waller.
  8. It's tough to sit Watson, but I think NE can slow him down. Foles vs tb could end up being a high scoring game. Tough but I'd go Foles. I'd roll with Deebo
  9. 1pt PPR TE? Waller or Doyle Flex? Theilen, J. Williams, McCoy, or Hunt
  10. I think I'd stay put. You're set with Kamara and Murray.
  11. Who do you guys think is the better play? 1 pt ppr