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  1. I have Sanders, Mixon, Chubb, Goedert and Michael Thomas out for me this week. This is ridiculous
  2. I don't know, but I am very happy I don't have to pick the Eagles again, and am safe for the week
  3. Giants getting screwed? The Giants have gotten almost all the calls all night
  4. Giants need to be on offense first before you get anything
  5. I wouldn't be nearly as nervous as last week. The Titans actually have a balanced offensive attack, which allows Henry to not face a stacked box as much. If you look at the Browns not only do they have a terrible history against the Steelers, but their personnel doesn't match up. Titans don't have that issue. Would I temper expectations a bit? Sure, but he is still a locked and loaded RB1 this week
  6. It looks like the past three weeks i'll have face the #2, #1, and #1 scorer. just let my opponent be average please
  7. Yeah that is really frustrating. Don't have to invite the Taco next year to play
  8. still better than Diontae Johnson getting you negative yards then leaving. atleast Keenan got a TD
  9. He's WR21 with missing a game. That's not bad at all. As for the target share, yeah that is a bit of a concern, but he did get 9 targets last game. We may have differing opinions on this, but I think the talent will win out long term, as he is the best WR that team has, and he will get more targets
  10. Lol. today was his first really bad game. If you think he is clearly a bust, you are going to be very disappointed in most fantasy football players
  11. Can't wait to see Tua. Invested in him pretty heavily in Dynasty superflex leagues, and i'm hoping that will start to pay dividends soon
  12. they don't. they forfeit. an extra bye week for all fantasy players involved
  13. the Chiefs do spread it around alot, but this is still the most potent offense in the league, and Hill was the #2 WR before this week so I wouldn't worry about him
  14. It was much easier 10-15 years ago. there are more factors now to consider
  15. I think the Rams is my personal favorite. Baltimore has some juicy matchups later in the year, and this is probably the Rams easiest remaining game minus the Jets in week 15, but that's a LONG way off