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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments in the Golden Tate thread.  Do you play in PPR?  If so would you mind sharing your rankings?  I'm trying to get others thoughts into my own rankings and I find it enlightening to share my opinion with guys on here of how tiers should be constructed.




    1. Lord_Varys


      I do play PPR, but it's just one league, and it has some real jobbers.  My main league which I pour all my energy into is Standard scoring, with points for return yards.


      Still, here is how I have players ranked, generally:


      Top 24 WR: Brown, Jones, Beckham, Hopkins, Robinson, Green, Jordy, Dez, Marshall, Jeffrey, Watkins, Evans, Cooper, Cooks, Allen, Edelman, Hilton, Tate, DT,  Cobb, Landry, Maclin, Benjamin, Baldwin  


      Top 24 RB: Bell, Gurley, AP, Miller, Freeman, Ingram, Elliott, Charles, McCoy, Lacy, David Johnson, Martin, Rawls, Hyde, Latavius, Forte, Lewis, Stewart, Hill, Jones, Ajayi, Anderson, Abdullah, Gore


      (Am I forgetting anyone?)

    2. Lord_Varys


      Edited with Tiers:



      Top 24 WR: [Brown], [Jones, Beckham], [Hopkins, Robinson, Green], [Jordy, Dez, Marshall, Jeffrey], [Watkins, Evans, Cooper, Cooks, Allen, Edelman], [Hilton, Tate, DT,  Cobb, Landry, Maclin], [Benjamin, Baldwin]  


      Top 24 RB: [Bell, Gurley, AP], [Miller, Freeman, Ingram, Elliott], [Charles, McCoy, Lacy, David Johnson, Martin], [Rawls, Hyde, Latavius, Forte], [Lewis, Stewart, Hill, Jones], [Ajayi, Anderson, Abdullah, Gore]