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  1. I start the season 0-3 with LF, mostly due to him leaving games injured. Scrape my way to the playoffs despite his lengthy absence. And am rewarded with that in the first round of playoffs. On my never-draft again list due to the injury risk and how bad an offense the Jags are in the foreseeable future. Doesn't appear to be a special enough talent to make things happen on a bad team and is just a two-down player.
  2. I'd rather have Ware as he has more upside. He should still lead the KC backfield.
  3. I'd go with Brady. Jameis has more upside but also a lower floor.
  4. I'd go with Winston. Should be tons of passing in that game.
  5. I don't think they change it. They may add position eligibility, but I've never seen them take it away from a player during the season.
  6. Referring to Team A in sig, Jaylen Samuels is TE-eligible in our league and is a no-brainer add. Who do I drop for him? Cameron Brate - my only TE Marlon Mack - don't see ever starting him but worried about opponent getting him Kenny Golladay - tough matchups for fantasy playoffs James White - it's a non-PPR league We start 1 RB, 2 WR and a RB/WR.
  7. Must add if he is TE eligible in your league (like on Yahoo).
  8. In our Yahoo league we lock out the loser bracket teams from making any adds/drops. They are playing for nothing other than bragging rights.
  9. It was a risk against Ramsay. He will eat next week against Houston.
  10. Dropping him this week for a RB handcuff. Thumb is screwed up and not nearly reliable enough to use in the playoffs.
  11. I need to replace Buttker this week and would really like to keep him. Drop Jimmy Graham and roll with Brate for ROS? WHIR
  12. Down 17. My Gurley + Legatron versus their Mahomes. Gonna be tough.
  13. I'm picking up Brate regardless. Meant to do it before kickoff on Sunday but forgot. Almost feels like TE is too shallow to not handcuff OJ.
  14. This thumb news makes him an easier drop. Doesn't matter much because his two 1 pt games will make it hard for me to make the playoffs.