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  1. On two separate drives CMC had an 8 yard rush from the 9 yard line. Panthers didn’t give him the ball either time the next play for TD. Those TDs are coming for you guys [...]
  2. TD saved him! Where were the targets today? Had one drop late in the game. Also had a nice catch called back early in the game. Nagy was pissed! Overall, I’m happy though.
  3. Considering him at Flex over Crowder, DK and Singletary. 1/2 point PpR. look at the massive target share the last 3 games. Not to mention the positive regression in Tds that he’s due! Had 7 as a rookie last year, none this year.
  4. Why is his DL stint retro’d to the 10th? His last start was Saturday July 6.
  5. He was at 56 pitches thru 4, 7-8-9 coming up. He allowed a freakin infield hit to Margot and then the “double” that should have been caught. Take those 2 hits out and he’s got a sub 1.00 whip thru 4.1. He was due much better.
  6. My Gallo for his Peacock. Points league. (one util spot) I have Pete Alonso, Joey Votto, Travis Shaw and Daniel Murphy all 1B eligible. As well as intentions are to use UTIL for Ohtani. Obviously I have a surplus of 1B / UTIL - will Peacock be a good return?
  7. I’ve been thinking I’d keep Morton. Especially after the Brewers signed Moustakas, but it seems the Brewers wan Shaw at 3B, which is great. I’ll probably keep Shaw and target Morton after the 10th
  8. I’ve been holding out hope there is some promising news on Ohtani. There hasn’t been. Gotta let yourself let him go, especially for you in a good spot with segura
  9. Ok yeah I’d definetley go wheeler. Wouldn’t part ways with Tatis and Flaherty. Especially Tatis. All for an aging SP - by number, not by performance
  10. May need more context from the milb structure but I’d go wheeler for folty +.
  11. Standard 12 Team Points League. 4 OF League, Util and INF positions, as well. I'm pretty set on my first 4 Keepers: Cole - 3rd Round Wheeler - 18th Round Haniger - 17th Round Dahl - 16th Round Deciding on my last keeper: Shaw 8th Round (Yahoo League - 1B, 2B, 3B eligible) Gallo 8th Round Morton 12th Round Odor 11th Round To give a little context - 53 of the top 100 ESPN Points rank players are being kept.
  12. Cole is the safest play. Highest floor. Love the division. Playing for new contract in 2020. I personally think Syndergaard is primed for a CY caliber year. Take a gamble and potentially get burned by injury, but could be the NL CY. Obviously Severino is a distant third now with the injury news.