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  1. Waiting on one. Have 11 of 12 paid. would be next in the way it looks
  2. Looks like 9 paid plus one other joined. Don't wait. Join and pay ya'll.
  3. I'll take it. Will email you in a second. I was in one of yours last year.
  4. Has anyone made the $50 ESPN auction?...confused now with all the "cancelled" messages
  5. I had posted trying to get a $100 ESPN auction going...but if you get a $50 ESPN auction going I'd join
  6. Anybody else??? Would set up a 10:30 CT (8:30PST) on ESPN if get a couple more with interest
  7. Haven't set it up yet, but can't find any other auctions that look good on here tonight. Thinking $100, ESPN, 12 team, LeagueSafe...pretty standard settings, maybe 2 Flex spots Shoot for 9:30pm or 10:00pm CT (Tonight - 9/4) Drop your email or message if interested and I will set it up if there are a few interested.