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  1. 7 RZ targets (5 tds), no one else on MIN has more than 2. Believe he's the WR1 in 0.5 PPR
  2. firing up Minshew, Parker and Robinson LFG!
  3. i qb stream and minshews schedule is pretty tasty the next few weeks Miami, Cinci, Houston, Detroit then his Bye.
  4. ppl gobbled up tannehill last week for his matchups against jax and min. dont see much of a difference b/w minshew and or stafford tbh and have em both ahead of trubes slightly. wentz im not touching right now
  5. Conley, Cole, Laviska, Eifert in the RZ. Dede is back too. He has receiving options. Not supremely worried, it's either him or Goff against Buff for me. Minshew will still sling the rock and get some rushing, it is miami afterall
  6. Need lat Murray to boost his trade value.
  7. Just acquired Ridley. I think Julio will miss time eventually this year with the hamstring especially if this teams record is really poor. He's gonna eat.
  8. Sold high on conner. Needed out of my sole James Conner share
  9. Yes I traded conner and Boyd. Wanted to get out of my conner share. My wr are now ridley, hill, kupp and Djax My rb are sanders, fournette, Kelley, Moss Te: Andrews and Hurst
  10. 0.5 ppr 12 team league start 3 WR 2 RB traded J. Conner+Boyd for Ridley+Moss.... guy i traded with lost Saquon my wr: T.Hill, Ridley, Kupp, D. Jackson my rb: Sanders, Fournette, Kelley, Lat. Murray, Moss
  11. true lewis has full year value w/ saquons knee cmc - schefter said multiple weeks. Davis surprisngly was used in the pass game alot
  12. how do u guys prioritize mike davis, dion lewis and jerrick mcinnon
  13. you probably took him 1-2 rounds later than Julio tho. if he's ur WR2, you're gold.