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  1. can't pay through yahoo and don't want winner take all
  2. what is this? I can't join pro leagues where im from
  3. there any roto yahoo leagues drafting soon? from Canada so cant be pro
  4. logan warmoth is on that list and he's older, just because he was a first round pick. I don't think so linear with age. older = worse 100%. These top 30s are not gospel.
  5. I agree and I just did a search and came across this
  6. haha. I'm not saying Franco should be lower than Stevenson or they should even be close. Stevenson went to college, he didn't come from a foreign country at age 17 lol. But I see your point and you've highlighted some nice young players. Thanks
  7. I see your point but Pioneer is also rookie ball. I think Kevin Smith also in a lot of top 100 lists or just missed going into this year. can make same argument for wander franco, ok he's top 100 not arguing that, but how to you place him top 5 like a lot of experts are just for playing in appy league...if wander is #5, why can't Stevenson be #100, not saying I'd put him in my top 100, just don't see how it's that far off if you don't consider how long it will be before he's in majors.
  8. I was looking at him and came across this your point
  9. Has anyone heard much about him? He had a great BB ratio in Rookie ball and good stats?
  10. I'm in 3 leagues and got knocked out by less than 5 points in each. Reading this made me feel a bit better though - gearing up for next year