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  1. Coming off of Lockett's monster game.... I would make the move! DK had the worse matchup last week, so Lockett was just targeted heavily.
  2. I dunno... feel like you might add RBs that you aren't 100% of their workload each week (Swift/Gibson). Chubb could return after week 9 bye. I like the WR grouping you have... and you could pick 2 RBs to start each week. What about trying to swap a WR (parker, terry, ab, higgins) for a RB?
  3. PPR? What does the starting lineup slots look like? Only need 2 RBs minimum to start?
  4. Just to keep my brain straight... could you post your current roster? Thanks
  5. Yeah, I understand your points. I guess teams in my league (only 10 teams) don't hold multiple QBs because the bench size isn't the deepest. Big Ben, Stafford, Goff, Carr, Cousins, and Tua are also out there. I will try for Brady this week and see what happens.
  6. Since I only need a bye week filler.... looks like Brady will be withouth Godwin in week 8, and AB isn't expected to play till week 9. Thoughts? @Fungi @Richc00 @Chargers88 @jmcampbe11 Thanks!!
  7. thanks for the feedback! its only a 10 team league... so i doubt i would want to hold 2 QBs for rest of season... and I have KMurray.
  8. What's the team record? No hurt in dropping kicker and/or defence to see what you get in the waiver claims... but wouldn't want you to hurt the roster long term, to piece together a decent lineup for a bad bye week.
  9. Not really knowing how long Mixon is out... I think Gio and Edmonds could be flipped.
  10. Need to find my QB filler for KMurray this week. The available options are: TBrady @NYG CWentz vs Dal JBurrow vs Tenn TBridgewater vs Atl MStafford vs Ind Thanks!!
  11. But this week all of the Pitt WRs are back.
  12. I'll sometimes have to roll without a kicker... then just monitor the matchup score. Always best with opponent has a lot of early game players. Then just have a couple late game options available on free agent market.
  13. Does the lineup look to have the best plays? And with Gio at flex? Thanks!