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  1. Disclaimer: If this is the wrong forum for this discussion/question please let me know. I just started regularly checking the forums this season and never post. I came to the forums to see if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking and proclaiming to sell high on Whiteside. I too worry somewhat about his health. He's obviously had an awesome start to the year and the minutes/production will be plentiful as long as he stays healthy. Given he's currently ranked 17th overall in 8-cat leagues, I sense the opportunity to deal Whiteside is now if you can acquire the 'right' kind of player in return. My Question: Where do you see Whiteside's trade value today? I do not want this turning into an AC Forum discussion. So to make things easy, I am merely piggy backing off your post above, and would like to hear from you and others that are more informed/smarter than me. Thus, discussion is strictly limited to centers only. My Novice Take: Because I truly consider myself a "novice" fantasy NBA guy (I've only got a few years of experience), I'll share my thoughts on how I see the lay of the land for the center position. Feel free to dismiss me as a complete idiot. As many have often experienced, it is generally very difficult, in any fantasy sport, to trade away a player who is greatly exceeding their draft day value (Whiteside) after only one month of a 6-month long fantasy season grind. No one wants to the that "idiot" who trades away a proven player drafted in the earlier rounds for an "overachieving" or "risky/upside" player taken a few rounds later in the draft.... like a Hassan Whiteside. And specific to fantasy basketball, my league mates rarely overreact to slow starts in November and are more or less gun shy to move someone with a proven track record. I bring this up because I think you have to "price that in" when answering my question above. Before getting to my list of comparable centers, how do you treat guys like Ayton and John Collins given their suspensions when valuing their respective ROS values? I understand it can be somewhat specific to the owner whether you're willing to endure someone on your roster that's not playing and sitting for another month and thus rotting on your bench. Just merely an observation I made when looking at the player pool of centers, and am curious whether the simple solution for Whiteside owners is to look at see if you're in a league someone who rosters both Ayton and Collins. If so, would are those guys you would move Whiteside for and not think twice? I guess that is precisely where my inexperience in fantasy basketball comes in. I just have no clue how to value guys that are an "80%" commodity like Ayton/Collins. The List: Here are the centers I've come up with. Do any of these names strike you as 'hell yes, I'd have no problem dealing Whiteside for [insert player below]'? My criteria = draft day cost, current health, and centers that lack the obvious name value like Porzingis and Blake Griffin. Draymond Green Jaren Jackson Brook Lopez Bam Adebayo Al Horford Jonas Valanciunas Julius Randle Thomas Bryant Montrezl Harrell Tristan Thompson