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  1. commish - I dont see Andrew Hwang or Chad Kerley on League safe but they are on ESPN Also Courtney Dabbagh and Joel Patzke paid on leaguesafe but I dont see them on ESPN
  2. What are the payouts? I'm probably interested. austin.schultz@hotmail.com
  3. He said he will change it. Still waiting for my invite. Should only need 3 more after me.
  4. thanks - I replied to the other post too. Thoughts on changing playoffs to 6 people so we dont need to use week 17
  5. I have paid - I need invited, the espn league is full. Can we change players to 6 people and weeks 14-16 and not the current 4 people using week 17? austin.schultz@hotmail.com
  6. I'm in austin.schultz@hotmail.com How do players that are playing today work? Will draft be done prior to kickoff?
  7. Oh okay - No one else can join because the league is full. I didn't understand that I didn't need an email to get into the league.
  8. Why are you posting your email after I gave you mine? What are you wanting me to do to get in the league?
  9. I'll join. Austin.schultz@hotmail.com for leaguesafe and espn