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  1. I will take Rabble Rousers. MikeRedSox67@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  2. I am interested! I know its an auction are we doing an auction on ESPN or doing a slow auction on couchmanager? mikeredsox67@gmail.com
  3. I have been playing FB for over 20 years. I prefer slow auction drafts. Please message me if you have a league who needs an experienced owner. MikeRedSox67@gmail.com
  4. I am interested if you do NOT have to keep 5 players. If you have to keep 5 then I am not interested because this team just does not have 5 players worth keeping. Please let me know, mikeredsox67@gmail.com
  5. Trutkowski I am interested. I have been playing FB for 20 plus years. MikeRedSox67@gmail.com
  6. Junkyard thanks for the invite; need to know if its a full redraft league before I pay the entry fee?
  7. Do you have to keep 16 or can you keep fewer than 16. I am not interested if you have to keep 16. Thanks Mike mikeredsox67@gmail.com
  8. I am interested. What service do you use to collect the dues? And its a full redraft each year? MikeRedSox67@gmail.com
  9. I am an experienced player (been playing more than 20 years) and will take Operation Rebuild in the 6 keeper league. Thanks MikeRedSox67@gmail.com
  10. I will take the Jays or Super B. I have 20 years experience in FB. mikeredsox67@gmail.com
  11. I am interested please send me a link mikeredsox67@gmail.com. Thanks Mike