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  1. He was just trying to get paid. Who doesn't want that? Maybe it wasn't the smartest way to go about it. Of course, you can say he already gets paid millions blah blah. Who doesn't want more money? His contract looks like peanuts compared to some nfl players. It's easy to be envious of Melvin Gordon.
  2. I don't care how trash Gordon looked the past two games. If they want to win they will learn to run the ball or keep losing. Chargers defense looked weak against a Steelers offense that's in shambles. There is a reason Gordon was drafted in the 1st round. He is a complete back. Chargers need to find a way to pound the rock with Gordon because Ekler is not that guy.
  3. Mecole's stats would look a lot better if that 70 yard bomb td hadn't got called back against the Ravens
  4. I can understand that. I'm not saying Mecole is the safer play, but he could definitely throw up more fantasy points this Sunday because of the offense he is in and with Hill more than likely out.
  5. Have you watched this Bengals THIS year? Plus I said while Hill is OUT.
  6. Ultimate boom or bust flex player that can really BOOM. As long as Hill is out why would you not start him? I'd start him over players like Tyler Boyd that are on a horrible offense. I mean 5-7 targets in the chiefs offense, I'll take it. Plus he returns some kicks.
  7. That's why Burkhead got 70 percent of the snaps.
  8. Thinking about flexing him over James White. Hopefully it will be a high scoring game. He looked fast last week. That 72 yard td was sweet but to bad it got called back. I feel like there would be more buzz if it hadn't got called back. Everybody is on the Robinson train.
  9. Anybody throwing this guy in their lineup this week?
  10. I saw the long reception he had. He was so close to that td.
  11. I guess they trust Ito more? It sure looks like Freeman isn't the goaline back. Who knows. Falcons are a mess right now.
  12. Is this this guy's foot gonna be an issue this week? What are some projections against the Chiefs this week? Hoping for high scoring game.
  13. Haha that is true. Hey, anything is better than last week right? Philly's defense is good, but is it as good as the Viking's d?
  14. Did Brieda look good sunday? I didn't catch any of the game. With Coleman out does that make Brieda a solid rb2?